Yoga poses to beat erectile dysfunction

Statistics say that close to 52% of the men across the globe have erection-related issues, with around 40% of American men reporting erection difficulties at the shocking age of 40. This is one of the major men’s health issues that needs immediate attention. Sadly, the number could be higher because of the sensitivity of the subject. However, there are numerous solutions to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction (ED).

According to studies in the Journal of sexual medicine, yoga has been reported to improve ejaculatory control, partner synchronization, sexual performance, desire, sexual satisfaction, and erection. Listed below are 4 yoga poses that help beat ED!

Naukasana (boat pose): This pose helps activate men’s sexual hormones and helps them last longer by strengthening their hips, thigh muscles and buttocks, leading to better erections. In order to this pose, one needs to lie down on the floor with their arms beside the body and feet against each other, and inhale and exhale while keeping arms straight all the time. As one exhales, he should lift his feet and chest off the floor, while holding this position for 10 successive breaths. After the pose, one can return to the original position by breathing out slowly. Taking one of the better male enhancement pills along with doing this can give better effects.

Kumbhasana (plank): This pose helps enhance and better endurance during a sexual act as well as enhances the strength of the upper body half. One needs to lie down flat on his stomach with palms near the face on the side and bend his feet in a way that the toes push off against the ground. Then, one should use his hands to push his body and raise his buttocks while keeping the legs parallel to the floor and hold it for as long as he can.

Dhanurasana (bow pose): This pose is known to rouse the reproductive organs, contribute in many ways to functions related to sexual health, including erectile dysfunction, allow the man to enjoy stronger orgasms as well as help treat the problem of premature ejaculation. In order for one to do this pose, one should lie flat on the ground on his stomach with the arms at the side and the feet apart by hip’swidth. Then, one needs to fold his knees, hold his ankles and lift the chest and legs off the ground while breathing in, essentially forming the shape of a bow. Hold for 15-20 seconds and then come back slowly to the original position while exhaling.

Uttanpadasana, (raised legs pose): This pose is known increases energy, helps increases blood flow to the pelvic area, as well as help you last longer during sex. To do this pose, one needs to lie flat on his back, place hands on the side with palms facing down. Then, one needs to inhale and lift the legs about 45-60 degrees, hold for about 20 seconds and then relax.