Wonderful handmade gift ideas for Christmas

It’s a week before Christmas arrives, and you still haven’t found the perfect gift for your loved ones. Because everything you’re looking for is out of stock, or hard on your wallet. If you find yourself with zero ideas and a tight budget, here are some last-minute homemade gifting ideas that will save you!

Handmade soaps

Making soaps can be messy but fun. You can gift this to your mother, grandma or your best friend. All you need is some lye (be super careful with this), herbs, some essential oils, colors, water and additives. Don’t forget to have your safety equipment and goggles on! You could use lavender, aloevera, shea butter and even coffee as the key flavor! If you want to experiment more, there are innumerable videos and blogs online that can inspire you.

Embroidered handkerchiefs

As easy as embroidered handkerchiefs sound, they can be tricky little buggers which take time to master. This can be an amazing gift for your grandma or your mother, but it doesn’t have to necessarily be just for them. If you know anyone who enjoys knitting or collecting small souvenirs, this could prove to be a meaningful gift.

Memory journal

The best part about making a memory journal for a beloved one, is that you can personalize it in the best possible way. Right from the recyclable paper, to the use of fabric as cover, to the tiny notes, everything can be well thought out and original. You can use colors, photographs, cutouts of their favorite magazines, souvenirs, old movie tickets, etc. The possibilities are infinite! It truly is a great Christmas gift, and an unforgettable memento.

Tote bag made from a T-Shirt

Making a tote bag takes less than an hour. You can choose a new or an old (make sure it’s still in a good condition) T Shirt. Cut the sleeves if it has any. Make the neckline wider by cutting away its edges and stitch the bottom. An absolute cake walk, isn’t it! You can further add a zipper or buttons to it, to give it the perfect finishing touch.

Hammered flower impressions

You always gift flowers, isn’t it? But how about immortalizing your loved one’s favorite flowers on canvas. All you have to do is pick the perfect flower, place it on the canvas carefully, cover it with paper towels and pound it with a hammer. Once you pull it away, it leaves you with an amazing impression, you can embellish it with other colorful leaves and flowers. Use a UV resistant clear coating on the canvas to avoid darkening of the colors.