Why should you include high fiber foods in your daily diet?

The sedentary lifestyle of 21st century, where everything is at our fingertips (literally) is turning us into a passive workaholics seated in our office chairs undergoing minimal body stress. The eating habits so developed are unhealthy to the extent that we have started facing old age ailments that were normally a thing of late forties and fifties

Fast food which is junk food on the go has an abundance of trans fat and very low amount of fiber, which is unhealthy for the body. To make matters worse, people who are not active enough and eat junk food on a daily basis, are probably more prone to have arteries deposited with high amounts of cholesterol, making them vulnerable to high blood pressure and strokes.

Having a low fiber diet exposes one to bodily problems like; poor digestive health as the food they are consuming is already processed, it leaves minimum effort for the stomach to process it further, which makes it weaker. This further leads to constipation, diverticular disease and even hemorrhoids.

A Low fiber diet is an invitation to cardiovascular diseases. Junk food which has higher level of LDL cholesterol deposits in inner lining of the arteries decreasing its circumference and making it difficult for your heart to pump blood. This increases the blood pressure of the body and puts it under the risk of heart diseases.

A diet that has irregular food clock hours, high in trans-fat and very minimal amount of fiber does not fulfill the satiety which makes you feel hungry even after you had a five hundred ounce burger. This in turn results in eating more, which increases your weight in an unhealthy.

Hence, it is advisable that you include high fiber snacks in your daily diet which will keep you full for longer hours. High fiber snacks are a great source of poly-saturated and mono-saturated fats which are good for the body. The unsaturated fats (mono-saturated or poly-saturated) help regulate the cholesterol in the body. It eases inflammation and regulates heart beat rhythms. Including high fiber snacks added with proteinaceous diet in your daily food cycle increases the muscle retention of your body which leaves little or no room for fatty tissue, eventually helping you getting rid of it. One of the main reasons athletes stick to a high fiber diet is that, it helps in muscle growth and hence increases the stamina. Thus, including high fiber foods in your daily diet is a healthy option and can do more good to your body than you can think.