Why going electric is the smarter way to cook!

If you have recently moved in to a rented apartment, getting a gas connection may be a bit cumbersome and expensive. Electric stoves act as a good alternative to traditional gas stoves in such scenarios. There has been a decade long debate about which cooking medium helps you save more, gas or electric stove. Most people may point towards gas as being more economical in saving money and energy while others would remain loyal to electric inductions for cooking. Read on to find why electric stoves work the best even if you are a novice in cooking!

The biggest merit of induction or electric cooking is that you don’t need to keep oscillating your burner flame from high to medium to low, almost every other minute. That’s right, if you have already tried your hand at cooking on a gas stove, you can very well identify with the feeling of utter frustration when you have to constantly adjust the flame to ensure that the food items required to be sautéed or fried don’t burn. With electric stoves all that you need to do is pay a little attention to the right temperature and trust your instinct!

Another amazing advantage of an electric stove is that it gives you the liberty to walk away and attend to other chores while your pot of tasty meal is being simmered. Electric stoves work according to your estimate and calculation and thus enable you to multitask! You are somehow not allowed this luxury on your gas stove as they need some supervision. While cooking on gas, you may have to stand by your dish to overlook while your meal and you simmer in the heat.

Electric stoves have various features depending on the model that you opt for. Certain induction plates have a number of food item options that help you cook without fretting about regulating temperatures. Meal specific options reduce your part of estimating the time your food would take to cook or the temperature at which it should be cooked. Electric stove is also helpful in preparing food that is cooked just right. That means you can simply avoid the days you have to compromise eating under cooked or overcooked meals!
At first, electric stoves, to loyal gas users may seem annoying as they take a while to get heated up. The best part, however, is that going electric can reduce the risk of your sleeve catching fire! What’s more, you would forever get rid of the anxiety of having to recall whether you switched your gas stove off before leaving the house!