Why do we need energy efficient refrigerators

Energy Star certified appliances have become so popular today that people before deciding to buy anything look out for this certification. Why are these appliances considered good?

Well, Energy Star certified means that a product is an environmentally friendly product.

Why do we need energy efficient refrigerators?We love to invest in appliances that make our life easy and convenient. But these appliances consume energy, and the result is seen in the form of our energy bills. The refrigerator is one of them, without which it is impossible to survive. Did you know that a refrigerator alone shoots up the electric bill and consumes more energy than most other appliances? Appliances without an Energy Star certification can shoot up your energy bills making an overall dent in your monthly savings.

We can refrain from using high energy consuming appliances like air conditioners, but a refrigerator is out of the question. In the earlier days, when there were no such things as energy efficient appliances, an 18 cubic feet refrigerator used 1400 kWh, whereas today things are different and better. Today’s best refrigerators use only 350 kWh thereby saving 75 percent energy.

It is a known fact that the newer models are more energy efficient as compared to their older counterparts. Here are some of the best power efficient refrigerators that are making the right noise:

  • Frigidaire FFET1022Q

This model of Frigidaire consumes 296 kWh per year for a total capacity of 9.9 cubic feet. This Frigidaire refrigerator has bright lighting for easy viewing and even has independent temperature controls for the freezer and refrigerator.

  • Bosch B10CB80NVS

This is one of the best refrigerators in the high-end segment. Bosch annually consumes 314 kWh per year with a total capacity of 11.4 cubic feet. This bottom freezer refrigerator has exclusive hydro-fresh drawers to retain the freshness of fruits and vegetables. The LED bright lighting is instrumental in saving and consuming less energy.

  • Samsung RT18M62*3***

This refrigerator has a total capacity of 17.6 cubic feet and its annual energy consumption is 364 kWh. The top mounted freezer has a flex zone cooling option and illuminated LED top lighting.

  • LG LFC24770ST

This 3-door French door refrigerator, costing USD 1,700 has an annual energy cost of USD 61 and is considered to be the best energy efficient refrigerator in the 3-door segment. It has all the required features such as dual evaporators, spill-proof shelves, and digital temperature controls.

  • Jenn-Air JF42NXFXDE

This is one of the best refrigerators in the Built-in category for energy efficiency. Jenn-Air has the lowest energy consumption in its category. It is a one of a kind built-in French door refrigerator that matches its price of USD 8,500 and features too. The annual energy cost comes to USD 58.

Top freezer refrigerators are more energy efficient in comparison to its peers. The features, style, and size are the factors that affect the energy efficiency of any refrigerator. Larger the capacity more is the overall electricity cost. Consumers today prefer a bigger refrigerator as it has more space and features. But ideally, 18 cubic feet is the best refrigerator for a family of 2-4 members, even though it is traditional and comes with fewer features.

Energy ratings are decided by their size and capacity. There are three, four, and five-star energy ratings. These ratings determine how much energy your appliance consumes.The position in which and where the refrigerator is placed in the kitchen also determines the energy consumption. A space with proper ventilation from all sides is an ideal location as it needs less energy for cooling.

Best refrigerator brands like Bosch, Samsung, LG, and others are more energy efficient and follow the specified guidelines regarding conserving energy.