Why 3 wheel bike is the best option for your kid?

Playtime is fun and exciting for kids, but if you are a parent it gets tedious to engage them in just one activity for a long time. Notorious for short attention spans, kids keep shifting their focus from one thing to the other. It literally becomes a task for us adults to keep the little ones glued to an activity that is both engaging and fun. Toys help to some extent but playing games too may not work forever! If all the toys in the world have failed you and nothing seems to have appealed your child’s fancy, it is probably time to get your kid a tricycle!

Tricycles work best to keep a child busy as learning to ride it requires both concentration and patience. If your child is still at an age where learning to ride is not a possibility, you could still buy a toddler tricycle that is embellished with goodies and accessories to intrigue their fancy. This would later lead them to want to learn to ride it.

Tricycles can play a key role in letting your child spend quality time playing outdoors. What makes toddler tricycles extremely attractive are options like cartoon characters on handlebars, baskets, canopies, rocking chairs and the like. Baby tricycles that are made of premium quality, nontoxic molded plastic ensures great safety and durability. It is essential to make sure you pick tricycle made of safe plastic that is ideal for toddlers to use. Let us quickly check out what makes baby tricycles so adorable.

Some cycles for toddlers come with a rear bucket for storage. Some cycles come with a secret storage compartment placed under the seat. These compartments/buckets can help store your kid’s favorite toys or food items. You can also carry water bottles or lunch boxes when you go for a ride in the park. Baby cycles also come with adjustable and detachable canopy that help shield your child from the sun when outdoors. There are several baby cycles that also come with detachable steering handles behind the seat. This gives parents an ease to monitor and control your baby’s movement. Such tricycles are an improved version of baby perambulator as it makes both the child and the parent equally partake in the tricycle’s movement. Many popular brands come with a built-in rocking chair. The cycle is made in a way that it can also be used as a rocking chair by your toddler. Features like these give kids a reason to play with it for long. Built-in music is another great feature that takes care of your child’s entertainment while riding. The music in such tricycles can be activated and adjusted by a knob located on the handlebar. Other accessories that make your kid’s tricycle fun are bells, horns, cup holders, fancy cartoon face, fancy pedals, mudguards etc. What’s more, you get these in attractive color options. You could also go for various customization options to suit your child’s liking.

Most of these cycles stand the test of time and are tough enough for years of indoor playing and outdoor adventures! Since most of these tricycles are made of durable plastic that lasts long, it is never too early to buy your kid their first tricycle!