Which fabric should be considered before buying a blazer

Black jackets are considered a must-have in any wardrobe. While there are various kinds of black jackets one can buy, a blazer jacket is a definite winner. Its sheer versatility helps a man look classy for any occasion.
When blazer jackets are concerned, the material is of primary importance when it comes to the question of what to buy. The material matters for various reasons like, versatility, durability, and functionality.

Based on the material they are made of, some of the kinds of blazer jackets include:

  • Cashmere blazers are made of goat hair which keeps the wearer warm and the touch of the fabric is soft. Cashmere is one of the materials that breathes the easiest and both looks classy and elegant. Cashmere blazer jackets are expensive and require more care and maintenance. The material is delicate and tends to wear off easily. They make the perfect winter wear. Cashmere blend blazers are blazers made of cashmere blended with wool. This makes these less expensive and more durable.
  • Cotton blazers are classy too. Being a natural fiber, cotton offers more breathability and can be perfect for summers. It absorbs moisture well and maintains the body temperature of the wearer better. They are tough, durable and are washable. However, they do not work well during really cold winters.
    Cotton blend blazers, as the name suggests, are blazers made of cotton blended with either high end or low-end materials according to which the prices differ. One of the best blends in this kind is one of cotton and wool which is known for its breathability, level of comfort and moisture absorption. Cotton, when blended with rayon or polyester, makes the blazer more affordable, though with less breathability and less class to the look.
  • Denim blazers as odd as they sound work well with a number of outfits. Given its bulk, a denim blazer should be well fitted and not worn with other bulky clothing. When blended with other fibers, they can be made to stretch more and will, therefore, appear less bulky than the pure denim.
  • Flannel blazers make the best winter wear as they don’t breathe well due to their thickness and heaviness. They can last for several years if they are maintained well, but it may tend to wear off more easily than blazer jackets made of other materials.

Other common materials include leather, linen, swede, silk, tweed, velvet, wool, rayon and polyester.