Where to get stylish and affordable shoes for women

That women love shoes is no secret and keeping up with the multiple kinds is a task that can be tedious even for them. From casual wear like loafers, ballerinas, sneakers, boots, and flip-flops to formal work wear like pumps and kitten heels to party wear like stilettos and slingbacks, it’s safe to say that there is ample choice for women everywhere. Buying online is that much easier, and here’re two places you can get great shoes at great prices.

On Shein’s website, you are most likely find women’s shoes at cheap prices, especially when they are on a discount sale. The Scalloped One Band Ankle Strap Sandals in tan color is a perfect match for summer dresses and is on sale for about $14 with a discount of 18%, as are the Lace Up Glitter Trainers that have a discount of 19% on them. Their original price was around $27, and now they are on offer for about $22. Available in two colors, i.e., brown and gray, and in multiple sizes, these women’s shoes are certainly a cheap buy and are up for grabs on their site. They have a rubber outsole and are perfectly suitable for a casual and sporty look. Additionally, this website offers free shipping on orders that exceed $49. So, while you are at it, maybe you could get more pairs too.

On Macy’s website, there is footwear for women on many offers. There are hundreds of cheap women’s shoes on their clearance/closeout sale, a few on a limited-time special offer and more than a thousand pairs on sales & discounts. For example, the White Mountain Crawford Slip-on Footbed Thong Sandals that originally sold for about $59 is now for about $44.99. The Alfani Women’s Step ‘N Flex Jeules Pumps cost around $69.50. On Macy’s when you buy two pairs, there is a 40% off and a 30% off discount on 1 pair. Furthermore, like in the other online store, shipping is free for orders that exceed $49 when you shop for cheap women’s shoes.