What you need to know about cavities

Have you just found a cavity in your teeth and are wondering what to do about it? Do not despair as this is something very common among people and can be set right very soon.

What are cavities?
Cavities are damaged portions in your tooth that grow into tiny holes or openings. They are also called ‘caries’ or tooth decay, and are triggered by numerous factors including bacteria, sugary drinks, snacking frequently and improper teeth hygiene. If left unattended they grow bigger and slowly causing all kinds of teeth issues like tooth infections, toothache and finally loss of the tooth.
Symptoms and Diagnosis
• A normal dental check will reveal whether you have any cavities or not.
• Mild or severe toothache can be a symptom of a cavity
• You may find tiny holes or black dots in your teeth that indicate the beginning of a cavity.
• Extreme sensitivity when you eat or drink something hot or cold is another symptom of a cavity lurking in your teeth.

Treatment is based on how big or small the cavity is. In most cases, the decayed part of the tooth is removed with the aid of a drill by your dentist.

• Filling: After cleaning the hole, dentists fill up the hole with a filling of your choice, be it silver alloy, composite resin, gold or porcelain.
• Crown: A crown is normally recommended if the decay is vast and the tooth structure itself has become extremely small. The decayed portion is got rid of and repaired and the remaining part is fitted with a crown that is made of porcelain, silver or gold.
• Root Canal: If the cavity is quite deep and the nerve has been you may have to get a root canal treatment done for the same.

Preventive Measures
Maintenance of good oral hygiene can prevent caries or cavities to an extent. This includes
• Ensuring you brush your teeth twice daily with a good toothpaste that contains fluoride.
• Keeping a check on snacking in between meals.
• Having balanced and nutritious diet.
• Keeping up appointments with your dentist regularly and conducting routine checks ups.
• Cleaning between the teeth by flossing or with the aid of an interdental cleaner.
The above-mentioned tips are sure to help avert cavities to an extent, helping you take proper care of your teeth.