What to expect while purchasing a hearing aid from a hearing professional

Hearing loss, at any level can be highly challenging to live with. It can even become particularly dangerous when you are unable to hear sirens, the phone ringing or even fire alarms. Hence, the invention of the hearing aid is indeed a boon.

Modern hearing aids consist of a microphone, amplifier, and speaker. It magnifies the sound waves entering the ear, thus enabling the person with hearing loss to listen though it certainly cannot restore one’s hearing ability. Anyone irrespective of any age can suffer from hearing loss. So, if you suspect you have a problem, it is advisable to make an appointment with an audiologist to confirm the diagnosis and obtain your hearing aid systematically rather than look for such options online by yourself.

There are a couple of things you may expect during your visit to the hearing professional to buy a hearing aid –

A warm welcome

You can expect a warm welcome from the clinic staff. And you may be asked to fill up some forms asking for your signature. These forms are designed to protect your privacy and inform you about your rights as a patient.

Enquiry about the ears

A good hearing health professional pays attention to smaller details, setting aside the opportunity to know you as a person. During the course of the conversation, the hearing health professional would complete a detailed medical case history. The audiologist will also inquire about the condition of your ears, hearing ability, and current communication status.

Detailed examination of the ears and review of results

The hearing professional would then conduct an ear inspection followed by detailed examinations of your ears. Review of the results will follow this, and the hearing professional would explain to you about the degree and type of hearing loss you’re suffering from and possible treatments. You must feel free to ask any questions to clear any doubts.

Demonstration of hearing aids

The hearing professional may offer a demonstration of hearing aids with noise in the background. He/she may use modern computer technology to make you understand how you will hear with hearing aids on in different situations such as in a noisy party, restaurant or a car. Hearing aids come in various styles and features.

The hearing aids price depend on their ability to improve your everyday listening and communication. High hearing aids cost often forces people to hesitate in buying them. Amid the explanation of technological alternatives, the hearing professional should be able to provide necessary details or information to back their claims and recommendation. You may also ask him/her for an evidence-based clarification.


The hearing professional would present to you his/her hearing aid recommendations based on your test results. The hearing aid prices lie anywhere from $700 to $3000 per hearing aid. The difference in hearing aid pricing would also be explained thoroughly to you. Equipped with this information on the best hearing aid prices you will be able to make an informed decision.

Before leaving the first appointment, the hearing professional may ask you to sign the purchase agreement or contract that outlines what model, hearing aids prices and warranty on the hearing aid. Unlike the olden days, modern technology has brought down average cost hearing aid to a significant amount, yet they are pretty expensive. Although there are many inexpensive price hearing aid known as hearing amplifiers available in the market, however, they are not as effective as the actual hearing aids regarding functionality.

So, the key is to acknowledge the problem and seek professional assistance to resolve the issue without any complications.