What should a company profile include?

Company profile is an important factor both for a job seeker and the employer. As an employee, you need to ensure that the company profile is set as per the specific needs, has facts and figures, and that everything is updated. On the other hand, a job seeker should always see to it that there isn’t any absurdities and unwanted details on a company profile. Let us look at other important points that should be incorporated in a company profile and some of the points that should be seen when searching for a company profile.

As an employer, one has to take a careful look at what the company profile looks like. This is because, the profile of a company is the first thing that a partner, client or a prospective job candidate will be looking at.

A company profile should have the vision and mission of the company along with its achievements in the previous years. It should reflect the history and background of the company apart from the contact information. Some of the basic and important things that should be included in a company profile are different brands the company has worked with, its digital and social reach, franchises, organized events and programs, solutions invented, to name a few. Apart from these information, a company profile should have client reviews as well as staff testimonials as these helps to add credibility to the profile. As an employer, one can also add few images of the events organized in the company showcasing the work culture. These basic but effective attributes help adding to the reliability of a company.

It is extremely important for a job seeker to research about the company profile before going ahead with a job interview in the company. The HR manager of the company will always send you the company profile to refer to, but it is advisable to research from your end as well. One should not just believe what is written on the company website but should always take a look at other sources such as social media pages of the company, employee reviews on various websites, etc. There are a number of smartphone apps that help you know about different companies, their profile, and reviews of the previous as well as current employees. You can check out such mobile phone apps and know more about a company profile.