Welcome a fragrant lifestyle with Chanel perfumes

The smell surrounding a woman is as important as the jewels she wears or her outfit. For this reason, perfumes have always held a special place in every woman’s heart. And Chanel naturally tops the list! However, perfumes are expensive and hence when there is Chanel perfume on sale, you must make the best of the opportunity. Perfumes are an extension of the wearer’s personality and hence you should be very careful when buying a perfume.

Fragrances are important for both men and women. However, just because a perfume says it is a man’s fragrance does not mean it can’t be worn by women. While men’s fragrances are typically sporty in nature, woman’s fragrances are usually floral and fruity. Here are a few tips to help you buy the perfect perfume.

Understand the different types of fragrances
A fragrance is a generic term that can be categorized into perfumes, colognes, body sprays and deodorants. Of these, perfumes last the longest and need to be applied in limited amounts. Owing to the long life of the scent and its concentration, perfumes are also the most expensive of the lot. But when you see Chanel perfumes on sale across websites then you are in luck!

Don’t try and understand a fragrance from the description alone
Every perfume is crafted from a number of different ingredients. Though these are all typically listed on the perfume bottle, the percentages used are not. Hence you may read a list of ingredients that contains a particular fragrance that you do not like and write off the perfume without realizing that the ingredient you do not like is present in a very minute amount and is not clearly identifiable. Hence, it is important to try on a perfume before committing to it.

Perfumes smell different on different people
Each person has a unique body odor that influences the smell of perfume being sprayed on it. For example, perfume on when you visit a store with perfume on sale, what suits you may not suit your friend. Your normal beauty regimen also makes a difference to how a perfume smells. This is because almost all body-washes and creams have their own fragrances that influence the perfume fragrance. The metals used in different jewellery can also affect a fragrance. For this reason, try testing a perfume on your forearms instead of your wrist.

Give the perfume time to develop
Smelling a fragrance immediately after it has been sprayed may not give it time to develop completely. Instead, give the perfume time to develop. If you are testing it on blotting paper, allow the paper to dry completely before smelling it.

Take a break between perfumes
Your olfactory senses can be quickly overwhelmed when you smell one perfume after another. To keep from confusing your nose with different scents, smell a box of coffee beans etc that can offset the strong notes of the first perfume before you smell another.