Weekly menu planner for kids

Kids are notorious when it comes to eating a proper healthy meal that packs a whole bunch of nutrients that are important for them as they are right into their developmental stages. Their diet plays an important role as to how healthily they would grow up. Picky or fussy eaters are usually used to describe those kids who will eat only a small variety of food and that too with just a few ingredients.

You would rarely find a kid who does not take you to task with his or her picky eating habit. Even kids who usually eat well will often experience phases of refusing foods, but its not a cause of worry as it is only a temporary phase. Hence deal with their fussiness with patience and keep offering them new foods.

Here are a few giveaways that can help you and eventually your kid through their fussy-picky eating habits. The most basic thing that you need to do is distribute ingredients such as type of grains, fruits and vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the week.

Distribute oatmeal, whole grain toast, buckwheat pancakes, and cereals through the weekdays. When serving grains for breakfast, (such as oatmeal or cereals) be sure to add fruits to them as they would certainly help with the taste and make breakfast interesting for your kids and less daunting for the parent. Distribute types of fruit with the grains. For instance, serve cereals with banana on Mondays and replace them with blueberries or any type of fruit that your kid loves, on Tuesday and so on. Make their breakfast more interesting with offering them mix fruit salad, because admit it, kids go on the appearance of the food before they dig into it. While you are switching between grains and fruit, do alternate between milk and yogurt.

Follow the same pattern, the only thing you need to do as you are serving lunch is, replace oat meal and cereals with multigrain bread or whole grain sandwiches with avocado and or cheese. While serving fruits, alternate between sliced apple and banana slices. Serve them with peanut butter to make their lunch healthier. Kids frown at the sight of vegetables such as broccoli and zucchini. To them, these vegetables appear as horrid as their names. Search online for easy recipes that you can prepare for them in interesting ways. To feed them their daily dose of proteins, serve them with turkey ham or chicken slices. A good way would be including them in sandwiches.

Keep dinner light. Begin with a side of fruit salad. Serve them veggies; you may have to face some frown from their side as kids become really picky when it comes to vegetables. Add grated cheese to tempt them.

Keep the weekends for fun foods. Treat them with a slice of pizza, burger or a cheese cake once or every week, as a gesture to cope with you on your weekly menu planner. This will keep your kid interested and make them less picky.