Ways to manage your cash rewards from credit cards

Many people all over the US have a soft corner for the cash rewards that credit cards have. One of the most significant reasons behind this is that cash rewards are simple to redeem and easy to understand. When compared to miles and points, the money can help you earn interest if they’re left unused. Plus, they’ve never been subject to the continuously altering terms and conditions of travel programs and card issuing authorities.

Some people use cash rewards credit cards for day to day expenses. This can be around $2500 monthly on average. Numerous cards offer 2 percent cash returns with every purchase you make in selected stores. If you can manage to earn cash back of $50 every month, it adds up to $600 in a year. You can keep this significant amount as savings or indulge in some more shopping.

Make Timely Payments
Getting rewards with each purchase can be tempting. But before you select cash rewards credit cards, ensure that you’re ready to pay the whole balance at the end of each month. If you use your card frequently, you shouldn’t neglect your responsibility to pay it off. Otherwise, the interests would add up making it difficult to pay off in one go. Also, the remaining balance with its chargeable interest would definitely negate the earnings from cash rewards.

Learn The Importance Of Opt-in Categories
There are some cards which offer extra cash back in specific categories. These categories change throughout the year. Note that you’d typically have to opt-in to receive this benefit. Even though your daily workload doesn’t offer scope to take care of these small issues, there are easier ways to keep track. You can set a calendar or email alert to remind you when you have to opt-in to reap these benefits.

Use Cash Rewards Credit Card Carefully
If cash reward cards gives you an extra bonus for some specific products or quarterly categories, spend them where they count. When you use cash rewards for the particular product for which it has the offer, that can boost the cash reserves considerably. Before you run to the shopping mall and start purchasing consumables haphazardly, make a list of all the things you need. See which cards offer cash rewards for which products. Make sure that the cards are used for specific products to get a bigger boost to your savings.

Refrain From Overspending
The general rule of thumb is to keep the credit card balance within 30 percent of the available credit limit. This hinders the habit of spending beyond what you can actually pay off. Not only that, it will boost your credit score. That can help you get loans in the future.

These tips should help you manage your credit card without facing too much issues.