Watches – The new age style icon

The Unites States is the ground of the trendiest watches that the world adores today. In fact, some of the great designs highly demanded in the international market are manufactured in this country. With the rapid proliferation of e-commerce, the demand for trendy watches has also been increasing in leaps and bounds. Americans have a great affinity for watches, e-commerce has been enabling them to acquire different kinds of watches even from other the countries.

The most adored watches
Following types of watches are mainly sold in the USA. However, their demand varies from place to place and among different demographics:

• Automatic Watches This is the most popular category of the wristwatch in the USA. In these watches, the arm motions help to wind the mainspring of a watch. Thus, no manual winding is necessary.

• Large dial watches – Large watches are highly demanded in the United States. These watches are immensely popular among men and women alike. This type of watches has become a fashion statement these days.

• Luxury watches The demand for luxury watches has also been increasing in the USA. Wide varieties of Luxury watches are not only fashion statement among the new generation of Americans but also treated as an asset like gold and diamond.

• Sports watches Sports watches are setting a new trend in the USA. In fact, the popularity of large watches has developed from sports watches. These watches are mostly sleek and light weight.

• Swiss watches A large number of Americans now prefer to wear Swiss watches. These watchers were always in style, with the rise of e-commerce, buying Swiss watches has become easier.

Styles of watches men prefer
It is found that the men’s wristwatch market is much bigger and diversified than ladies’ wristwatch market. Men in America use wristwatches as a part of their style icon. As per the experts, five types of watches are categorized as stylish wristwatches for men: dress, field, racing, driver, and aviator. These categories are created depending on the functional application of different styles of watches used by men.

Styles of watches women prefer
Females do not consider watches as their style icon. However, many females in the USA prefer to wear watches on different occasions, especially while they are in offices or attending a family or friends’ program. Women mostly prefer jeweled watches, pendant watches, bracelet watches, and sports watches.

Prices of wristwatches
Prices of men’s watches are higher than females’ watches. In the luxury watch categories, too price of male watches are more than females watches. Prices of commonly used male watches start from $30 to $35, while the prices of standard female watches start from $16 to $20.

Demand for watches in the USA
There is a rising demand of wristwatches in the USA, people are buying expensive and luxury watches as well. There are growing demands for big watches. In the luxury category, too, people look for big-dialed watches. Past few years, the luxury watches market has been witnessing 20-22% of growth annually. Expert opinion is that the growth will continue in the coming years.