Washing machine reviews best top loading machines of 2017

Buying a washing machine never used to require so much of deliberation back in the days, as they all looked similar and had the same standard features and functions. These then evolved to become one of the finest looking machines in the house with a plethora of advanced features to choose from.

When you go shopping for a washing machine now, you have the choice of front loading and top loading washing machines. There is an array of features offered as well – High Efficiency (HE), noise-free, steam washing, wrinkle-free washing and drying, and so on.

If you are shopping for a new top loading washing machine, then here are some washing machine reviews of the best top loading models of 2017.

 LG Mega Capacity WT7700HVA

This top loading machine is quite a winner when it comes to handling large loads of laundry. One of the features that are mentioned in most of the washing machine reviews is the versatility of wash cycles it offers. The washing machine’s cycle options are one of the highest in its category.

The wash drum has a massive capacity of 5.7 cubic feet. It does not have an agitator and allows for bulky items to fit in easily. The washing machine is an HE model that uses less power and water to run. The model can be paired with the LG DLEX7710VE, an efficient dryer to get the best results according to most of the washing machine reviews by users.

Samsung WA9000 

The Samsung WA9000 gets all the points for being one of the best energy efficient models available. The washing machine is Energy Star certified, that means that you do not have to worry about a high electricity bill. Energy efficiency also means contributing to keeping the environment safe. A lot of washing machine reviews do not miss in pointing out that this machine’s amazing wash drum capacity is 5.6 cubic feet.

Apart from the several wash cycle options it offers, the washing machine also allows you to set a favorite cycle for frequently washed fabrics. You can get a great deal on the washing machine during the washing machine sales during the clearance season. The washing machine pairs well with the Samsung DV56H9000EW which is a matching dryer with the Eco Dry system. The Eco Dry system helps in using less energy during the drying cycles, making the dryer energy efficient too!

 Kenmore Elite 31633

This washing machine is ideal for those who are looking for a fast performing washer. The Kenmore Elite 31633 is yet another washing machine that has won a lot of positive washing machine reviews for its 6.2 cubic feet wash drum that can get a lot done at a time, reducing the time you spend doing laundry significantly. Equipped with the Quad Action Impeller that cleans clothes thoroughly using power spray jets with impeller motion, the machine is a winner when it comes to cleaning performance as well.

Apart from the wash cycle options to tackle different kinds of laundry, the washing machine also has a sanitize cycle. This cycle involves oxi gel and steam for an extra clean washing cycle. The washing machine works great with its matching dryer Kenmore 61633 that uses the SmartDry Ultra technology to keep the clothes from over-drying and getting damaged.

Before you opt for any of the washing machines, make sure you read washing machine reviews from different sources before buying it. The reviews can help you get a good idea of the washing machine from customers who have had firsthand experience using the washing machine.