Useful tips to remove the odor of cat urine

Pet owners are well aware of the severe odor that cat urine leaves behind. Moreover, this strong smell can be hard to get rid of.

This issue has troubled pet owners all over the world, as cat pee smells terrible and can be impossible to mask with room fresheners.

Also, the longer the cat pee sits, the worse the odor becomes. Other than the stench, pet urine can also leave a stubborn stain behind.

The good news is that certain methods can be used for removing the odor of cat urine. Here, we have mentioned some useful tips that you can use to eliminate the smell and stains of cat pee.

1. Store-bought pet stain removers
Store-bought pet stain removers can be your most powerful weapon for cat urine odor removal. These commercial products are enzymatic cleaners that can effectively eliminate the odor of cat pee and fight stubborn stains.

You can easily shop for these items online or just head to the nearest grocery store. Follow the instructions mentioned on these products to tackle the stain and severe odor.

2. Baking soda
Baking soda is a true favorite when it comes to fighting urine stains and odor of cat pee. This pantry staple’s chemical compounds can eliminate the smell of cat pee and it can also be used for the removal of urine stains. It can effectively tackle the stain and odor within minutes.

Sprinkle a little bit of baking soda all over the stained spot. Pour a little water and rub the spot with a clean washcloth. Leave the residue on for another 10-15 minutes.

3. Hydrogen peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide is often used for the removal of cat urine odor as its chemical formula allows it to draw out the bad bacteria that causes a strong odor and stain.

Combine one part of hydrogen peroxide with two parts of water. Put this mixture on the affected area and let it sit for 5-10 minutes.

4. Vinegar
The age-old trick of using vinegar is hailed as the best pet urine stain removal method by many pet owners. In fact, it can be used for pet stain removal and also for fighting off the strong smell of urine.

Just create a concoction of vinegar and water and pour the solution all over the stained spot. Allow the area to get soaked for a little while. This solution can effectively draw out the stench and stain of cat pee.


Try any of these methods to minimize the odor of cat urine and to get rid of stubborn stains.