Upgrade your house cleaning with Shark Vacuum Cleaners

A 2017 survey by Mintel revealed that Shark® raced past its nearest competitor Dyson to bag the title of the #1 brand that year. Shark® vacuum cleaners have performed well on many parameters according to many consumer reports.

What’s great about Shark®?
Though the name’s a trifle odd for a house-cleaning product, it seems appropriate when you consider the way it’s gobbling up competitors. The brand has more than 24 innovative Shark® vacuums currently available in the market. That means you get to choose exactly what’s right for your home and your own house cleaning strategies.

Lots of choices
These models have a variety of features designed to aid different aspects of house cleaning. For instance, the original Navigator® series is the traditional upright vacuum, powerful and versatile, ideal for high traffic areas. The SharkFlex® is lightweight, corded and has an anti-allergen seal. If you prefer stick vacuums, the Rocket® series is your choice. It’s light, provides great maneuverability with deep suction power. The Rotator® is great for whole-house cleaning, from floor to ceiling, under furniture, difficult to access corners etc. Shark® also has a range of cordless, dual-clean models for carpets and hard floors.

Tailored to your preferences/needs
Uprights are the most popular types and most people prefer them. Shark® has a great range of uprights, with different features for stairs, carpeting, dust-allergy combating etc. Larger spaces are better served with the Rotator® series, though they’re a little more expensive. Most models convert easily into hand-held vacuums, but Shark® also has a cute SharkPet that takes care of finer details like pet-hair. The Lift-Away® Rotator® model has a detachable head to reach inaccessible spots.

Shark® vacuums are among the most pocket-friendly brands in the market today, feature for feature. The affordability factor, coupled with top-quality performance is what most consumers look for.

Great support
You can order Shark® vacuum parts online or get them from authorized dealers. Their website provides online support, product care instructions, and troubleshooting help. Accessories and spares are available along with replacement parts. They’re also covered by the US and Canada Returns, Refunds and Exchanges Policy. If you’re not satisfied, you can return the product within 60 days. In case your machine breaks down, repairs are easy, affordable and convenient. Genuine parts are available online direct from the company and also from third-party giants like PartsWarehouse.

Their lineup speaks volumes about how much the company invests in R&D. The brand is focused on giving its customers low-maintenance, affordable and super-efficient products.