Understanding aluminum scrap prices

There a great initiatives started by US government for depositing the used metal scraps such as aluminum food containers, aluminum tin cans, aluminum bottles, in exchange of dollars per pound for aluminum waste. This does not just ease the re-production of the required products but also motivates its citizens to keep the environment clean by offering it, in exchanged for money. The two ways of making money out of aluminum scraps are either through the government organized program or through a local yard vendor for scraps.

Aluminum tin cans can be gathered from a public place, event gatherings, where there is a high chance of usage. Also, they are easy to gather from the trash they are strategically placed around for society’s convenience.

It is speculated that it requires only about merely 5% to re-produce the products instead of having to build it from scratch by recycling. The idea sounds great when you can reduce the involvement of entire labor to produce the aluminum materials from the foundation level. The easiest way to categorize is to understand the standards of the scraps collected such as, pure aluminum scraps, mixed metals aluminum like ferrous mixed etc.

How to understand aluminum scrap prices?
Currently, scrap metal prices range anywhere from $0.35 lb – $0.45 lb. These prices are floating and change based on its demand in the market. Being mindful about the aluminum scrap metal prices is very important, especially if you are a newbie who is trying to get into this business of recycling. There are many alluring offers made by competitors. However, you must understand the calculations, else you might end up paying more than what is the standard norm. For example, a new aluminum tin can will cost $0.70/pound of metal and while return, the same will cost you half of it which is $0.35 as metal scraps are still valuable raw materials for manufacturing new products. A buyer will be likely to make more profit out of the deal if they find out a seller who is ignorant of the market prices for scrap materials.

This idea of recycling is suggested by industries which understand the significant difference between production costs and recycling cost. Also, the aluminum metal is particularly gifted with stability and hence can be used and reused many times as the shelf life is high in these kinds of metals.