Unconventional First Date Ideas

When it comes to dating, one can only think of going to a restaurant or a movie. These conventional ways aren’t bad but can get boring after sometime. Here are some unconventional ways to set up your next date where you can get to know each other a lot better

Rent Bikes
Rent bikes(bicycles) and go for a ride around your town. This is one exciting way to begin your date. You can race with each other or can ride together and talk about things you would generally talk about in restaurants and bars, only on the wheels.

There are lot of options available for volunteering. You can talk about your common interests and volunteer for the same. This is fun and it will make you happy to help others, It will also help you gauge the helping nature of your date.

Sing Karaoke
Going for a karaoke night might seem old school, but people do not do that anymore, but need to. You can open up to each other more and with ease once you give a live performance together. Also, it’s fun to laugh at yourself and your date if you can’t sing. Will also tell you how spirited your date is.

Go for a live performance
Go for any live performance you can catch in or around the city. You both can appreciate that form of art together and will have many things to talk about on entertainment and art. You can opt for a stand-up comedy and laugh out loud together or go for a music concert or a gig and have a fun time together.

Short Road Trip
You always interact more when you are in an open space. A road trip eliminates other people and you can speak your heart on the trip. Listen to songs you like, and also the ones your date likes. Talk about each other’s past travel trip and the trips they wish to take in the future. Talk about places you both would love to visit and why. And for all you know, you could end up going on that trip together in the future.