Types of seating arrangements

There are many types of furniture that we all opt for, when we are doing up any residential or commercial space. The pieces we choose can fall into various categories like functional, aesthetic or even both. Tables, sideboards, cabinets and beds as well as other forms of seating are some of the most preferred pieces that we choose for our spaces. Chairs and other forms of seating in particular are some of the most important pieces of furniture that we must choose as per the setting and the space. These can go from office chairs to loungers, couches and even restaurant chairs. Whatever the case may be, we will need to make an informed choice based on the purpose of the chairs and seating, as well as the general decor and theme of the space. Let’s take a look at the various kinds of chairs before we make the right choice!

Lounger: This is a low seating chair that can be reclining as well. It usually has levers and other such tools, which can help in reclining and sitting up, depending on the kind of activity that one wants to indulge in. This kind of a chair should ideally be chosen with a leather or similar kind of upholstery. Also, one should try the piece out before buying so that the comfort and safety factors can be analyzed.

Study table chair: The office table or the study table chair is typically a swivel chair that has an ergonomic design. This means that the design will support the spine of the person sitting on this chair. This is due to the fact that people typically spend many hours seated on chairs like these while they are at work. Sitting in the same position without the right kind of support and comfort can cause many problems for the spine, all of which usually start with back pain. So, this kind of a chair is recommended for all practical and health purposes.

Restaurant chairs: The restaurant chairs are usually built for both comfort and style. The back of the chair should have a slight slant and the legs should be extremely sturdy. Whether or not the chairs are upholstered will depend on the theme and concept of the restaurant. For a very formal restaurant, one would expect upholstered chairs for greater comfort while the food gets painstakingly prepared and the diners are allowed to enjoy the ambiance. Bar stools and folding chairs would be great for a cafe, while simple benches would suffice for a casual look.

Bar tools and tall chairs: The classic and the modern schools of design have both come up with various kinds of tall and high chairs that give a person a sense of elevated comfort. These stools have been designed for bars and breakfast nooks. They can also be used within the home for other odd jobs that require climbing up and fixing things.