Types of hearing aids offered by Miracle-Ear

Technology has given us the best of everything, and you will find the same when it comes to hearing aids. The best of the technology is used to ensure that your hearing is almost restored to normalcy. With customizations and unique styles at your disposal, Miracle-Ear hearing aid is the one to go for.

Whether you are someone who loves traveling or simply prefers remaining indoors, Miracle-Ear hearing aid will cater to your needs. There is a different solution incorporated in each of the Miracle-Ear devices. The individual hearing solutions can be applied to any of their models.

Few of them are designed to snugly fit on top of the ear while others are molded to fit inside the ear canal. You can go for the style you prefer. The hearing program will be just as effective in any of the styles. Here is the range of Miracle-Ear hearing aid styles that you can choose from:

  • Custom-fit hearing aids
    These are also referred to as in-the-ear (ITE). They are molded uniquely in the shape of the ear canal of each individual. This makes it very easy to insert, remove and handle the device. This is the most subtle of the style as it is placed inside the ear. It is designed such that it is secured in place and will not move unless you do so yourself. If you are looking for a model that will be nearly invisible, the Genius 2.0 Mirage is the most popular one you can find.
  • RIC hearing aids
    RIC stands for receiver-in-canal. This is a discreet and comfortable style that is very popular. It is also light in weight, making it easier for the user. This type of hearing aids offers a natural sound quality and will not have anything plugged into your ear. You can have a larger variety of fitting and amplification options with this one. The dome can also be customized. Another perk with this one is that you have the option of getting it with a rechargeable battery.
  • BTE hearing aids
    This is a behind-the-ear style that comes in many varied forms. This type is available for almost all types of hearing loss. It provides direct audio input. Being similar to the first type of hearing aid model, it has been enhanced since and comes in a superpower model. In this one, you can adjust it to have maximum amplification. You can also get a custom ear mold in this model. It is easy to maintain and clean and comes with a rechargeable battery.

Choose the best technology for you
You can find the hearing aids that suit you, based on a few factors. The first and foremost thing you need to check is the intensity of your hearing loss. If you are a person who spends a lot of time around noise, then this will be a deciding factor on the right Miracle-Ear hearing aid technology for you. You can also choose to go for a hearing aid with advanced technologies like wireless connectivity. Also, decide if it is important for you to have your hearing aid hidden. Once you have your mind wrapped around these factors, you can find the right hearing aid for yourself in no time.

There have been drastic developments in hearing solutions in the last few decades. You can find a large variety of hearing aids in different styles, shapes, and sizes. The advancements in digital technology continue to show progress and promise even better Miracle-Ear hearing aids in the future.