Types of breakdown cover

Being aware of roadside assistance and policies related to it is important. You may not be aware that certain policies cover families too. It is always useful hence, to understand benefits of various assistance available and the policies one could benefit from so that you are prepared in case of an emergency. Here are some breakdown covers that any vehicle owner should know about.

AA Breakdown Cover

AA (Automobile Association) is a British motoring association found in 1905, which provides car insurance, driving lessons, breakdown cover, loans, motoring advice, roadmaps and other services. Later the association was demutualized and became a private limited company in 2002. AA breakdown covers up to 4 vehicles in a single policy and up to 5 claims a year. There is no minimum or maximum age limit for vehicles under this policy. Vehicles can be added at any point in the membership year, but each subject to a 14-day claim exclusion period from the date they are added to the policy. Only vehicles specifically nominated under this policy will be covered.

RAC Breakdown Cover

RAC is UK’s most progressive motoring organizations. They assist both private and business motorists and they are believed to have advanced computer systems to deal with roadside assistance calls. Within an average response time of 30 minutes, the RAC patrols fix four out of five vehicles on the roadside. It takes cover for your car, for the driver, and even provides hotel accommodation or alternative transport for up to 8 passengers, and it does so 5 times a year. RAC provides breakdown extra services like battery rescue, courtesy car, garage parts and labor and key replacement. It is said that they carry over 500 parts and tools, including a universal spare wheel, to get your vehicle fixed and move again.

Green Flag Cover

Green flag is one of the leading UK based company with 40 years of experience. It has millions of customers nationwide and across Europe. They work with the help of Green flag app which helps in finding road names, what motor junctions are next to you and so on without any fuss. They offer 24 hours’ roadside assistance, 365 days a year. It provides breakdown cover, European cover, motorbike cover, personal cover, caravan & trailer cover and family cover. They don’t charge the customer for coming out to assist them in breakdown or other situations.