Types of bathroom tissue holders

In the world of home decor, variety and customization mean everything. If you’re redesigning every aspect of your home, then your bathroom should not be any different. The accessories you put in your bathroom should complement the colors and aesthetic you’re aiming at.

Of course, what matters the most is the practicality of the bathroom accessories. Bathroom tissue holders are a top priority because toilet paper cannot be compromised upon. Your pick for a bathroom tissue holder should be practical and distinct.

This article describes the types of bathroom tissue holders and you have the luxury of picking the one that you like. Or simply take the inspiration you need to craft a design of your own.

Wall-mounted tissue holders
Most home bathrooms employ a wall-mounted toilet paper holder. This design consists of one mouth with a single rod attached that holds the toilet paper roll. Swinging and spring-loaded are the two most common variations of this bathroom tissue holder.

Freestanding toilet paper holders
If you like classical designs, then this old-fashioned method of putting toilet papers may appeal to you. This design gives a vintage feel. But, the freestanding nature means that these bathroom tissue holders come in a large variety of finishes and designs. The most preferred kind are those that come with added space at the base to hold more toilet paper rolls. They’re made with wire and metal, giving the design an edgy feel.

Over the tank holders
If you don’t want to assign valuable wall space for toilet paper, and the idea of having a freestanding holder doesn’t appeal to you, then this is the ideal middle ground. This kind of bathroom tissue holders are hung on the side or on top of the tank, and take up little space. You may find variations that let you hold two rolls at one go.

Customized toilet paper holders
If you’re all about being extra and want to get a toilet paper holder that attracts attention, then this is the best option for you. These bathroom tissue holders come with unique and quirky features – some come in animal shapes and patterns, while others come with a magazine rack so that you can store all your magazines in one place. These can range from freestanding to wall mounted, but they add a little more zest to your bathroom.