Trending business intelligence dashboards software of 2020

Today, a strategic business intelligence mechanism such as the business intelligence dashboard has become all the more important due to the ready availability of mountains of data. The extremely cost-effective BI dashboards cohesively organize data and get rid of any possible data cluttering that could take place while using advanced intelligence tools. They make used of charts, graphs and other visualization elements which help analyze and interpret data easily.

Listed below are the top four Business Intelligence Dashboards for 2020

SiSense is a business analytics software that provides an agile, robust solution for companies that are struggling with scattered, large amounts of data. It features a distinctive In-Chip technology which allows data crunching to happen in seconds. It allows allow the combining of various data sources during the data crunching process, easy exploration of complex data and does everything accurately and on time. SiSense has enabled drawing value and insight from data without any complex IT bottlenecks or the presence of a specialist army. SiSense also offers customized pricing.

Clear Analytics
This is an excellent self service solution for businesses and users working with Microsoft excel. It can be installed on existing business servers to collect and compile data across multiple sources. Clear Analytics boasts a feature rich interface with drag and drop dashboards, visualization, and report generation tools. All the data is stored in a centralized location and is easily accessible across multiple platforms.

Dundas BI
The flexible, visual data analytics software Dundas, which features a responsive design and interface, allows users to easily collect, prepare and analyze data into easy-to-read, customizable and interactive reports and dashboards. Dundas also allows collaborating with others, performing visual data discovery and running ad-hoc queries, along with possessing open API across the entire platform, allowing members to integrate with any data source on any device in in-memory and real-time. Dundas offers a flexible, customizable pricing model.

The Birst business intelligence dashboard is a cloud based two-tiered architectural structure designed to eliminate information silos. It instead focuses on the ability of decentralized users to improve the enterprise data model sans compromising on data governance and do so virtually, rather than physically, while being governed by a unified semantic layer. Birst users possess access to self-service analytics via predictive analytics, visual discovery, reporting and executive dashboards. Birst offers differently-priced solutions for different-sized businesses.