Trending bluetooth wireless headphones

Best bluetooth wireless headphones are the trending accessory on everyone’s mind. They have totally changed the course of music and the way of listening it. They have emerged from the traditional wired, small and annoying earphones to an excellent looking wireless form. Wireless headphones are excellent for travelling, exercising, dancing, driving etc. They also come with an excellent audio quality which makes them worth their price.

One of the top trending headphones are the Jabra MOVE Wireless on-ear headphones. They are one of the best Bluetooth wireless headphones in the market. Slim fit, light in weight with a cheaper price but an excellent sound quality. The best part about them is their looks which comes in red color and cobalt designs which makes them a class apart from others. Despite such fantastic features these headphones never compromise on their quality.

They are durable and are made with stainless steel which makes them lightweight and easier to carry. These headphones are also dirt-resistant and easily portable. The ear cups are well designed with a matt-textured plastic and also come with a power button to switch on the right ear cup. In case your battery runs out then you have an option to plug it in with ant device with a standard connector. It also has an option of a play and pause button which enables you to listen to music without any hassle. It can be used for eight hours continuously without any trouble among the best bluetooth wireless headphones and can have a maximum of 12 days as standby.

Its superior audio quality, crisp look, perfectly fit ear cups, speakers, 80MW input speakers, and affordable price is what makes it as a best seller in the market. It comes with leather ear pads which may wear out due to constant usage but this does not stop Jabra Move Wireless from being at the top.

QC35 wireless Bluetooth earphones

QC35 headphones are also making the charts due to its noise cancellation features and excellent ear cup quality. They are designed keeping in mind the user’s convenience and comfort. Its essential padding, large oval cups make the listener go crazy over these pair of headphones. The QC53 headphones balances sound sensing extra and background noises through its inbuilt microphones which are placed on the inside and the outside of ear cups. They can be used for 20 hours non-stop after which its battery may tend to die. It also comes with a handy pair of wires which enables the users to plug in to continue listening. The sound quality may vary in wired and wireless headphones. But nothing can beat QC35 headphones in its wireless form making it one of the best bluetooth wireless headphones.

Sound Blaster Jam headphones.

The Creative Sound Blaster Jam headphones can be bought under $50. They come with excellent features, amazing prices and are ideal for all types of users. Light in weight with 8.8 oz makes it the ideal choice for travelers. They come with an inbuilt lithium battery and can be used constantly for 12 hours. Moreover these headphones can be charged through a USB cable.

Its sound quality is good and the treble is crisp at the high end. You can’t compare it with high priced set of headphones in terms of looks and audio quality but these are value for money. They are suitable for all ages and ideal for students or others who do not want to spend much on a pair of headphones. These headphones are not perfect in a particular area but are always in trend due to its low price and wireless form. They are the best choice for low price headphones and can compete with many in terms of its usage.