Treat your allergy effectively!

If you are suffering from seasonal allergy then don’t let its symptoms stop you from leading a normal life. In fact, help is at hand. There are several remedies that can treat your allergy and help you resume your normal schedule.
Which is the best allergy medicine? There is no clear-cut answer to this age old question. There are so many remedies that are suitable for your illness. Read this article to find out which medicine works best for your allergy.
The two most regarded meds for allergy are antihistamines and decongestants.

However, many doctors are coming round to the view that these meds give you a temporary relief rather than treating your allergy on a long term basis.

Nasal sprays
Nasal sprays are regarded by many doctors as one of the best remedies for seasonal allergy. Most are available over the counter at drugstores without any prescription. The time taken for these meds to bring down the allergy varies from person to person.

Loratidine and Cetirizine
These two ingredients are present in allergy medications and the prescription depends on the doctor after he/she has checked you. The medicines that contain these ingredients are non-drowsy and work to calm your immune system when it are under attack from allergens.
The medicines with these two components are also prescribed for people who suffer from itchy eyes, a runny nose and heavy sneezing.

All medicines must be taken only after consultation with a professional physician and after confirmation that the symptoms are those of an allergy.

Most antihistamines and decongestants come in several forms like sprays, tablets, capsules and drops.

Allergy medicines can have side effects and these side effects vary from person to person. Side effects can include nervousness, sleeplessness, increased heartbeat rate and increased blood pressure. Some allergy medicines tend to make  the user sleepy and drowsy, so avoid things like driving or operating machinery after taking these medicines.

Those with high blood pressure too need to be careful when taking these meds that are available over the counter. All medication must be taken under supervision of a professional doctor.