Travel and culture – The essence of Bon Appetite recipes

Gone are the days when food was just the reason for our survival! Today food for many has transformed into a culinary experience, and for some it’s another name for life. Beautiful, isn’t it! And Conde Nast’s Bon Appétit magazine has been putting together this ever-evolving journey of food for its readers, through recipes, travel, entertainment, culture, events and people.

Established in 1956, Bon Appétit has come a long way, and today is one of the most widely read food magazines in the country. The food literature of this publication is rich, and at the same time creatively enlightening. It fabulously establishes a flawless line of storytelling, expressing so much about the food and the people at the same time. The visuals of the magazine on the other hand, are such that they can inspire even a clueless soul to go in the kitchen and cook.

If you’re specifically looking for recipes from Bon Appétit website, you’re in for a treat, as they have an amazing selection of all kinds of cuisines. Right from exotic salads to complex main courses, Bon Appétit have attempted to make the website as holistic as possible. Bon Appétit has seven categories in its recipe section on the website, like healthy, quick, chicken, holiday, desserts, vegetarian and family meals. The best part about the recipes published in the magazine is that they are culturally diverse. This will give you an increased room for experimentation.

The magazine stunningly collaborates with areas like travel, style and business to educate the readers about emerging food trends. Through the websites, you can find the best rated restaurants as well as food hubs in different cities like New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington DC, Philadelphia, etc. The Foodist, a column of the magazine has interesting articles about the current happenings of the gastronomic world.

It also has a fascinating section where it has exclusive articles and interviews with chefs and celebrities. The section shares their personal food stories and favorite recipes as well. This can be an inspiring read, as it comes straight up from your beloved culinary stars and artists. The segment of Test Kitchen in the magazine is a bright amalgamation of How to Recipes, Cooking Tips, Test Drive (About the new kitchen appliances) and Common Mistakes. You can also watch videos on the website, where you can find content pertaining to all sorts of themes for the magazine.