Transform spaces in your home using DIY arts and crafts ideas

The first thing that comes your mind when someone utters ‘Home Improvement’ is your favorite design magazine filled with the hypnotic photographs of your potential dream home. This thought is immediately followed by the assumption, ‘that must have cost a fortune!’
But that the common misconception with home renovation, that it is expensive and time consuming. Taking up small home improvement projects frequently will not only help you transform your space, but will also teach you how to intelligently manage your financial resources. Here are some spaces in your home that you can transform easily using simple DIY arts and crafts ideas!

The front door
Your dull front door can be altered into a completely different space. And all you need is some paint.
Adding some color, can change the mood, and also integrate some freshness to the space surrounding it. You can use turquoise, chrome yellow, bright reds, or any other shade that elevates your home’s personality. You can add some lighting and plants as well to further beautify it.

The balcony/ the backyard
The easiest way to transform an outdoor space is to make it into a social space. All you need a few chairs and a table and some paint. Remember you don’t need to spend a lot of money to beautify it. If you already have furniture, that’s amazing, but if you don’t, relax, you can find a lot of options in thrift stores fitting in a decent budget. You can then paint the chairs according to the kind of vibe you want to create. You can color them all with different hues or with one. You can also make your very own plant stand using a ladder! This addition can make your balcony or backyard space even more inviting and refreshing! If you enjoy the presence of birds with your early morning beverage, you can also build a bird bath using an old saucer or pot.

The wall
Designing photo wall is a great way to personalize a space. If you happen to notice that your wall in the living room or the bed room looks far from exciting, you can add your memories to it. Handmade photo frames using buttons, pencils, laces, Washi tapes, or if you have a simple taste, some plain frames with different colors will be a great addition. If you want it to be ultra-contemporary you can print out some pictures of your favorite travel destinations or artists or thoughts and style it in vintage, monochrome, or as Polaroid frames and decorate the whole space. Stenciling your wall is also a great option if you have a minimalistic taste in colors and elements.

The couch
If your couch looks like it has no life, add some colors and cushions. You can change the cushion covers by sewing or painting on the covers. You also add handmade patchwork quilt to give it a homely and cozy vibe, by using some old fabric at your home. If you are skeptical about experimenting you can check out tons of video blogs that will guide you about using novel techniques