Here are the most popular washer and dryer bundles from Samsung

Washer and dryer sets or bundles are great money savers as these usually cost slightly less when bought as a bundle as compared to buying a washer and a dryer separately. One can get these bundles at some stores which include Sears, Home Depot, and Best Buy.

Samsung has always introduced some of the best electronics in various categories including washers and dryers. The brand also has some washer and dryer sets to offer to suit different needs and budgets.

Here are reviews of some of the best washer and dryer bundles from Samsung.

Samsung 5.0cu. ft. Top Load Washer & 7.4cu. ft. Electric Dryer

This washer and dryer bundle features the Samsung WA50M7450AW/A4 5.0 cubic feet top loading washer and the Samsung DVE50M7450W/A3 7.4 cubic feet front-loading electric dryer. The washer can tackle a decent amount of laundry load with its five cubics per foot wash drum without making much noise as it comes with a Vibration Reduction Technology feature. The washer performs quietly even at the highest speeds. It also has a self-clean mechanism that is not so common among the washer and dryer bundles in this price range.

The dryer offers a great drying performance with power efficiency. The Eco Dry Technology in the dryer uses up to 25 percent less power as compared to the other models. This bundle is one of the best buys for washer and dryer bundles under USD 1500. It is available for USD 1098 at Sears.

Samsung 4.0cu. ft. Top-Load Washer & 7.2cu. ft. Front-Load Gas Dryer

This washer dryer bundle is sold by Sears at less than USD 1200 and comprises of the Samsung WA40J3000AW top load washer and the Samsung DV40J3000GW front load dryer. The washer’s beautiful Diamond Drum interior allows for a gentle wash for all the delicate clothes and can also handle the heavy duty items like blankets, beddings, etc. This is performed in an efficient four cubic feet wash drum.

The dryer too has an impressive capacity of 7.2 cubic feet and has moisture sensors to stop it when the clothes are perfectly dry without overdrying. Excess drying and heating of clothes can damage them. The dryer comes with eight pre-set drying cycles. All in all, it is one of the best washer and dryer bundles available as it offers versatile washing and drying options with an ample capacity for washing and drying clothes.

Samsung 4.5cu. ft. Top Load Washer & 7.4cu. ft. Electric Dryer

This washer and dryer bundle is ideal for those who are looking for top loading washer and dryers. This bundle features the Samsung DV45H7000EW electric dryer and the WA45M7050AW/A4 washer. The bundle is sold at a price less than USD 1000 by Sears. The washer’s 4.5 cubic feet wash drum can handle large loads of clothes reducing your laundry time.

The prominent features of this model include noise-free operation and the self-clean mechanism. The dryer too like other dryers from most washer and dryer bundles allow for wrinkleless drying. It comes with nine drying options and can handle bulky items very well.

Apart from these models, there are various other bundles offered by other brands as well. Before buying a dryer washer set, measure out space in your laundry room or area where you want to place the dryer and washer and check whether the dimensions of the washer and dryer is not larger than that. Don’t forget to find out about any warranty the manufacturer may offer on the washer and dryer bundle you are buying.