Top three refrigerators that are absolutely worth buying

Refrigerators these days aren’t as simple as they used to be, with limited features and expensive maintenance. Nowadays, with the advancement in technology and a plethora of new features available, buying a refrigerator doesn’t get any easier. Popular brands that offer the best refrigerators include Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, and GE. Below are the top three refrigerators that are you can buy with no hesitation whatsoever:

  • GE GNS23GMHES 22.7 CU. FT. French-Door Refrigerator
    This GE refrigerator is one of the best French-door refrigerators on a budget. It performs better than most refrigerators that cost twice the amount. It has 22.7 cubic feet of space, which seems enough for most families. Despite being a budget buy, the model doesn’t sacrifice on performance and style. One of the most uncommon features of this refrigerator is that the water dispenser is placed inside the refrigerator. It may not have the high-end features of a luxury refrigerator, but it does beat all budget French door refrigerators with its top performance and stellar looks.
  • Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator
    This Samsung refrigerator is one of the best-looking refrigerators that provides maximum features as well. The 21.5-inch touchscreen features an assortment of apps that are fun to use. The refrigerator also has a camera inside, where one can easily track expiration of products. The drawback is that one cannot delete any of the apps that are provided and cannot download new ones as well; moreover, it is expensive an expensive purchase but worth the price. It has easy-to-use features that are hard to find in high-end refrigerators. The price of this refrigerator starts from $5,600. It has a four-door flex build that feels like an evolution in refrigerators.
  • GE Profile Series ENERGY STAR 27.8 Cu. Ft. French-Door Refrigerator with Hands-Free AutoFill
    It is one of the most popular refrigerators among the three mentioned herein, and it is known to offer the best features like touchscreen panel control, a nifty autofill dispenser that will automatically fill the glass completely without spilling, and a drop-down tray that descends from the bottom of the butter bin. This refrigerator is a classic GE model with the style slate finish. It is a perfect refrigerator for the modern kitchen with no major upgrades. The refrigerator price starts from about $3,000 with a perfect modern aesthetic style. However, the only drawback of this refrigerator is that the interior appears to be a bit cramped, and the in-door shelves are too narrow, and hence, are not of much use.