Top 10 potato side recipes

The humble spud is something that is popular world over for its versatility. Potatoes on their own may not be the most appetizing of foods but they deliver amazing dishes. Potatoes are great to experiment with and very reliable. You can totally trust them for starters and they make very promising main course dishes. Mashed, baked, fried or boiled, potatoes are delicious sides to round out any meal. Check out these top ten quick and easy potato sides that will disappear as soon as you serve them!

Crispy garlic French fries
French fries are a classic and when they are flavored with garlic they become irresistible. Garlic French fries are super easy to make as they require only a few basic ingredients. To make sure your fries are crispy enough just fry them at low temperatures for a longer time.

Sweet potato hash brown
Hash browns are the next best fried potato recipes that are hugely popular as sides. You could make hash browns with a twist by replacing ordinary potatoes for sweet ones. These sweet tater tots are surely going to rock when served with some tangy dips!

Beef potato salad Thai style
To add a Southeast Asian twist to your party menu, try tossing some sauteed crunchy vegetables with diced potatoes and rump steaks. This heavenly salad will surely have several seekers.

Smooth and creamy potato soup
This superb soup would be a delicious welcome break from the mainstream soup variants. To enhance the flavor, add spring onion or the veggies you like and enjoy this extraordinary broth with your folks.

Jalapeno roasted potato wedges
For a fiery kick, roast potato wedges with jalapenos. These would break the monotony of classic wedges and give your palate a tantalizing twist.

Crusty cheesy potato puffs
A cross between French fries and mashed potatoes, these fantastic puffs are truly scrumptious. Add your preferred flavor in the mashed paste and savor these delectable golden balls!

Potato salad dressed in hummus and yogurt
This comforting side makes for a velvety smooth salad. Add hummus and yogurt to diced boiled potatoes and see how the salad melts in your mouth.

Prawn and potato cakes
This is a total crowd pleaser and is delicious when served hot. Mashed potatoes go wonderfully well with prawns and make a for a palatable side for a cold winter night or an evening party.

Potato crusted pizza slices
Who says you can’t serve pizza slices as sides? Try these extraordinary pizza slices made from potato crust. To make the base, add boiled potatoes to your dough and go with lighter toppings to balance out the thick crust. These are really finger licking good, to say the least!

Crunchy vinegar potato chips
Potato chips are loved by all. If you find making crispy chips at home cumbersome, make these quick and easy salty vinegar chips with the perfect crunch. The vinegar in the potato slice would help them cook till they are perfectly crisp.