Top LG washer and dryer bundles under $1500

Washer and dryer bundles are sets of washers and dryers that are sold together as one unit. The washer and dryer in each set are complementary to the other in style as well as capacity. A lot of brands and stores offer washer and dryer bundles in different capacities and styles. While some bundles may have both machines of the same style – top loading or front loading, there are bundles with a mix of both the styles as well.

Getting a washer dryer bundle does not require you to spend a lot of money as well. These bundles are available in a low price range as well. Here are three of the LG washer and dryer bundles that you can buy under USD 1,500.

LG 5.0cu. ft. Top Load Washer & 7.3cu. ft. Top Load Electric Dryer 

This LG washer and dryer is one of the best LG bundles in this price range and comprises of the LG WT7200CW 5.0cu.Ft ultra large capacity top load washer and the LG DLE7200WE 7.3cu.Ft large Capacity Top Load Electric dryer. The washer is Energy Star certified and is one of the best power efficient models from LG. Its smart and power efficient feature help in saving water and time with each load.

The dryer comes with amazing features such feature as the LG EasyLoad door that lets you open the door both ways so that you can load and unload your laundry with utter ease. The dyer from this LG washer and dryer set has moisture sensors ensure perfectly dried clothes with every cycle.

LG 4.5cu. ft. Top Load Washer & 7.3cu. ft. Gas Dryer

This bundle includes the LG WT1501CW high-efficiency top load washer and the LG DLG1502W gas dryer. The washer has a stunning look, thanks to the smart front controls and the shiny glass lid on top. This LG washer and dryer set is one of the best looking ones in the under USD 1500 category. The washer comes equipped with the TrueBalance design that combined with the LoDecibel motor ensures a quiet laundry cycle so that you can complete your laundry work any time of the day or night.

The dryer offers efficient drying with each cycle ensuring that no damp clothes are left at the end of any cycle. This too looks stunning with a control panel with an LED display that is user-friendly.

LG WM3270CW 4.5cu. ft. Capacity Front Load Washer w/Coldwash™ & 7.4cu. ft. Dryer w/NFC Tag-On Bundle

This LG washer and dryer set comprises of the LG WM3270CW 4.5cu. Ft. ultra large capacity front load washer and the LG DLE3170W 7.4cu. Ft. capacity electric dryer w/ NFC tag on. The high-efficiency washer in this LG washer and dryer bundle is equipped with the ColdWash technology that helps you save power by offering a cleaning performance with cold water that is as good as washing with warm water.

Thia dryer offers an impressive performance. Apart from the moisture sensor and design features, the dryer comes with an NFC tag on that lets you customize your wash and dry cycles on your LG washer and dryer from your smartphone.

Apart from saving money on these amazing washer and dryer sets that cost less than USD 1500, you can also explore energy efficient washer and dryer bundles to ensure that your utility bills do not shoot up. Opting for power-efficient electronic items also helps you contribute to a cleaner and a greenr planet.