Top front load washers of 2017 for small homes

One of the most tedious household chores is doing one’s laundry. But, you have the washing machine to your rescue!  A washing machine has become one of the most important necessities of every household. Irrespective of whether you live alone or with a large family, a washing machine is a sensible investment.

The American Cleaning Institute recommends front load machines when it comes to power efficiency. If you are in the market for a front load washer we have some recommendations for you.

Here are two models that figure in most of the top 10 washers and dryers list for 2017. These are front loading machines and are ideal for small homes. These are compact models that do not take up much space and offer a decent performance.

Bosch WTG86402UC
Only 24 inches in width, this compact model is one of the top 10 washers and dryers for small homes which packs in a powerful cleaning performance. The models come with two of Bosch’s best features – the SpeedPerfect feature that offers super speedy wash cycles and the EcoSilence motor that ensures no noise while the wash cycle is in progress. This top rated washer and dryer from Bosch costs only around USD10-20.

As per the US Government’s EnergyGuide, the model is Energy Star rated and is one of the best-rated washer dryers when it comes to efficiency when combined with the Bosch dryer that is compatible with stacking. The model is available with a 4 cubic per foot wash drum and employs a condensation drying method that does not require an external vent. This Bosch model has 7 wash cycle options to offer its users and also an option for an extra rinse for those fabrics that may retain more detergent than you want. The best part of this model is that it has a sensor that lets you know if something goes wrong in the machine. The same is indicated on the LED indicator on the exterior of the model.

Another feature that makes the Bosch WTG86402UC one of the top 10 washers and dryers in the market is the AquaShield feature which detects any leak in the hose and stops it before it floods the laundry area.

LG Compact WM1377HW
This model makes it as one of the top 10 washers and dryers owing to the amazing performance it offers. Measuring 24 inches in width and with a wash drum of 2.3 cubics per foot capacity, the model has 9 wash cycle options which shows how it is versatile and the best washer dryer for a small home.

The 9 cycle option also includes a separate setting for washing baby clothes and bulky items. It is also an ideal machine for households that have young children as it features a child lock that prevents any untoward incident from happening. The model is prewash capable and also offers an option for extra rinsing your clothes.

The best part about this model is that it does not need an external vent for operation as it uses a condensation type drying technique. When it comes to drying, this best brand washer dryer offers 14 drying options and has a dampness sensor to add to the convenience.

There are a number of advantages of opting for front-loading washers and dryers. Even if you have young children in the house and are worried about the hazards that the easily accessible door may pose, there are a number of models that come with the child lock facility.So, conduct your research about the top 10 washers and dryers to choose one of them, in case one of the top 10 does not suit you, there are a number of other washer dryer options that you can explore.