Top French door refrigerators of 2017

A French door model refrigerator is the one that has side by side doors on the top and one or more drawers on the bottom. It is one of the fancier designs of refrigerators, and today all top electronic brands who sell refrigerators have great French door refrigerators. The French door models are usually found in higher capacity models and may cost more than a single or double door standard refrigerator. The side by side models are not just stylish, but they also have some great benefits.

If you are wondering whether to ditch your single or double door Samsung refrigerators for a French door one, here are a few benefits to help you make up your mind:
• The main advantage of these models is the convenience in accessing the fresh food section. One does not have to bend and reach out to the fresh food section, which is often the most accessed food section in almost all houses.
• Even though these refrigerators are wider than your old Samsung refrigerators, the French door models do not require much clearance for the door to be opened fully.
• The design increases the style quotient of your kitchen and accentuates the overall look of your kitchen.
If these benefits appeal to you, then getting a dual French door refrigerator may be the best choice for you. Here are some of the best ones of 2017:

1. LG LSXS26326S
The first one on our list is the LG LSXS26326S, which has a special place in this category for many reasons. The model offers the best cooling performance and scores well in a lot of other aspects as well. The refrigerator steals the spotlight with its extra roomy interior.
There is ample vertical space, thanks to the excellent deep door bins. The model has a simplistic yet attractive design and is worth the buy for its price. While the refrigerator has most of all the best features, it lacks two desired functions which are shelves that are spill-proof and humidity sliders.

Another model worth mentioning here is the GE GNS23GMHES by General Electric, which also offers a powerful performance. The design is appealing, and the stainless model looks stunning. The refrigerator also has a water dispenser. But unlike most models, the water dispenser is located inside the refrigerator.
This model is ideal for those who do not want too much going on the outside but want maximum convenience features. Just like the LG French door model mentioned above, this model too lacks the spill-proof shelving and humidity sliders.

3. Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator
This is one of the best Samsung refrigerators that you can invest in.This game changer Samsung refrigerators comes with an enormous number of high tech features making life easier. The refrigerator’s stunning black stainless steel appearance makes it one of the best looking ones in its category.This French dual door model is one of the ‘smart’ Samsung refrigerators that comes with a touchscreen panel and cameras inside it. However, unfortunately, you can only use the apps that come installed by default and cannot add any new apps. If you are looking for a fancy fridge, then this model is one of the best among the other luxury Samsung refrigerators.

There are several more French door refrigerator options available in the market which you can explore. Whether you opt for a Samsung refrigerator, LG, or any other popular brand, make sure you do your due research.You should search for the top brands, their popular models, seller, discounts and most importantly your budget. After considering all these factors, make an informed purchase that you won’t regret in the long run. Happy shopping!