Top Four Toddler Toys For This Christmas

Top four toddler toys for this Christmas

It’s time to roll as Christmas is just around the corner and we’re all busy preparing for the festive as well as shopping season. We do not want to miss out on the best of the gifts for our family members. So, when it comes to choosing the best toys for babies and toddlers at home, you do not want to settle for anything less than the best. Picking the right toy for your toddler this Christmas is not only a tedious task but also takes up a lot of thinking and planning. You cannot just randomly pick any toy, it has to be a special. As you can see that the toy stores would be filled with people looking out for best games and toys for their younger ones, you too should be ready to find the most adorable one. But toddler toys do not only mean stuffed toys, teddies and Barbies. You can be creative and choose something that is useful as a learning toy for your toddler. On the other hand, you can always research a bit more about which baby and toddler toys are the best for your younger ones. Toys for your toddler should be picked as per the age of your younger one. So, if you do not have an idea on which toy to pick this Christmas for your toddler, here are the top four suggestions you can consider.

Fingerlings – Interactive baby monkey

If you want your younger one to have an interactive friend, then you should gift this interactive baby monkey. It is available is various colors and responds to motion, sound, and touch by blinking its eyes. It also speaks silly monkey language and tilts its head. Who would not want such an adorable toy? Get this for around $20 from an online store.

Building blocks – Get the creative geek on!

Right from LEGO DUPLO to Mega Bloks 123 and Imaginarium Alpha and Numbers Foam Playmat, there are numerous building-block games for your toddler. Christmas is all about gifting and spreading love, and you can do so by gifting a simple game such as building blocks to your younger siblings as well.

There are traditional building blocks that are made of wood; you can also find the modern creations that come with interesting, interactive learning such as numbers and alphabets. Building blocks can never be out of trend and your toddler would always like to build something or the other. So, now you can choose from a wide range of building-block games and gift it to your toddler this Christmas.

The Luvabella interactive baby doll

This doll laughs when you tickle her, and your toddler can also learn a few new words while playing or feeding the doll. Surprisingly, The Luvabella has some of the most life-like features as compared to dolls of its genre.

Crayola Story by Me

If you want your younger one to draw or write and enjoy them at the same time, then this gift can be a great pick. Herein, kids can write their own book along with illustrations and cover pages. Once done, the book needs to be mailed back to the publisher and gets a bound book in return. Isn’t that amazing?

You can buy the toddler toys for Christmas from shopping websites such as,, and You can always compare these toys first online by doing an independent search. If you are not satisfied by the online research, you can choose to go to the toy store and ask for suggestions. Buying a toddler toy for Christmas would depend on multiple factors such as age of your younger one, price, brand, type of toys like board game, building blocks.