Top budget-friendly washers and dryers for under $500

You don’t always need to spend a bomb to own a washer and dryer. There are many washers and dryers that you can get at an affordable price without having to hurt your pocket. These work brilliantly too.

Here are some of the best budget-friendly washers and dryers that you can easily get under USD 500.

Hotpoint HTW240ASK1WS Washer and HTX21EASKWW Dryer

Hotpoint is one of the favorite brands when it comes to cheap washers and dryers. The model makes it to the list of one of the best budget-friendly washers owing to the size of its wash drum. This Hotpoint model has a 3.8 cubic per foot wash drum which is the largest one can get at this price range. The compact wash drum is capable of handling an impressive load of clothes.

The model is priced at USD 400 at Best Buy and can be bought at a lower rate when it’s sold as a part of the washers dryers on sale during the holidays. The only thing that keeps people from buying this affordable beauty is that this model is not Energy Star certified. This could mean a higher utility bill for the user. The washer comes with ten wash cycle options and is ideal for those looking for a simple washing machine.

The Hotpoint HTX21EASKWW complements the Hotpoint HTW240ASK1WS washer in terms of the looks and style. It is an excellent buy among the cheap washers and dryers as it offers an impressive drying performance within its 6.2 cubic feet capacity. The sensor-based drying mechanism of this model helps you ensure efficient use of power and saves time. The electric models of this make are priced less than USD 500. There are gas models available too, but the cost may be over USD 500. The dryer in this combo is a front loading model.

Whirlpool WTW4816FW Washer and WED4815EW Dryer

The Whirlpool WTW4816FW is yet another one of the cheap washers and dryers that perform brilliantly. This model is priced between USD 350 and USD 450 and is available at Appliances Connection, Home Depot, and Best Buy. The model has a beautiful and user-friendly control panel that lends it a smart look.

Apart from the common features offered in almost all cheap washers and dryers of this range, this model has some delightful extra features as well. Some of these additional features include the deep water wash cycle option, bulky cycle option, and delicates cycle option. The washer does an excellent job of getting the dirt and debris out of the clothes and is ideal for those who want a decent washing machine without shelling out much.

The Whirlpool WED4815EW dryer is also very popular among the cheap washers and dryers category as it offers some fantastic features that are not available otherwise in this price range. Energy saving cycle option and an option to keep the wrinkles away from the clothes by keeping it tumbling at the end of the cycle are only some of these features. The electric model of the dryer can cost between USD 330 and USD 445 and can be bought at Appliances Connection, Home Depot, and Best Buy. The gas model is more expensive and worth exploring as well.

Before buying any of the cheap washers and dryers, measure out the space in your laundry room to ensure that the washer and dryer you buy fits there. If you are willing to spend more, then you can even explore the higher-end models from these brands and other brands as well.