Top brands for mascara – Pricing and features

A professional makeup artist knows that each woman has a unique eye shape and contours that make her visage. That is why the beauty and the cosmetic market has different wands and features for eye makeup. Brides and supermodels require the best mascara. Does the price matter while looking for top brands for mascara? Sure, it does, and so do the features when an expert beautician cherry picks for their clients.

With women now opting for organic and natural methods to shape their lashes, it is only natural that they prefer to pick up brands that do not harm the eyes. So, from an experienced makeup artist’s point of view, which are the best mascara products to invest in without harming the eyes?

Let’s start this beauty boot camp with the most useful brands that produce butterfly coy lashes for the shy bride and add a carriage to a runway supermodel. This is a list that features the best mascaras of 2017 for the peak wedding season and autumn fashions across the runways of the world’s fashion capitals such as London, Milan, New York, Paris, and Sydney.

Volume lashes paradise from L’Oreal-cult – classic & organic
Priced at $ 9.99, it is an essential part of the vanity kit for any bride or supermodel. Its features are equally eye-popping. It primarily adds volume to the lashes but does not give it a fake look nor does it fall apart embarrassing the lady. Instead, it renders a very natural ‘thick see’ on the eyes. It is a lightweight on the lashes. The texture resembles a mousse hence its lightness on the lashes. The packaging comes in a pink bottle. The bristles are soft on eyes for easy application. This is a perfect feature for the best mascara for regular wear.

Mac Extreme Dimension 3d black lash mascara-Glam quotient for deep blue eyes
At $23, what more can a woman with deep blue eyes ask for? Yes, this is the best mascara for deep penetrating eyes. The product has got tremendous volume and length and does not flake as the day moves on. Some swear by its smudge-free feature which makes it the best mascara in town.

Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara- Choose between smudge free or waterproof brand
At a cool price of $22, it is the most hassle-free essential for eye makeup. Brides sweat and cry, and it is an ideal brand for the vanity bag. As for the supermodels, it adds glamour to her entire carriage. It creates long, curled lashes for 16 hours. The brush features bristles that can easily reach even the smallest of lashes to build up a beautiful look without clumps. It is one of the best mascara even for professional artists.

Dior Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume Mascara- best lash curler in town
If you are beauty wise when it comes to cosmetics, then at $30, this brand is the best mascara. The packaging comes with a base that is squeezable. With every pump, it builds the formula onto the brush, imparting a more climactic finish. This mascara can also be used as a daily wear. You may close your eyes and buy it.

Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils- the perfect French
The French can never go wrong with beauty! It is high end at $32, but it is a great eye channel. No clumping, smudging or flaking problems. It comes in the best shade of black, and it is magical for an evening out. Definitely, worth splurging on for many dates and runway soirees.

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara- for the dram queen
This falls under best mascara products. Just a couple of coats and it gives full-on lashes with dramatic undertones. The curved brush drops a lot of product onto the lashes. The bristles settle it evenly along the length of the lashes. The lash extension can be built. The price of this beauty enhancer is $29. Go ahead, make the grand entry in the ballroom.

With this top list in hand, it is now a cakewalk to choose your favorite.