Top 5 truck leasing companies to manage your transport woes

If you are a fleet owner or planning on starting your own fleet, you have to choose between buying the trucks or leasing them. People often have opposing views when it comes to truck leasing; some are of the opinion that it is better to own the vehicle rather than leasing, whereas, others are in favor of truck leasing. Truck leasing can be beneficial on different fronts: it saves money, reduces maintenance costs, and you won’t have to bear the brunt of the truck’s depreciating costs.

So, if you have made up your mind about truck leasing, you will surely need an insight into the popular truck leasing companies to decide on the most suitable choice. So, here are the top truck leasing companies for you to choose from.

  • JB Hunt
    JB Hunt is one of the oldest companies in the trucking business. So, needless to say, they know what exactly you are looking for. Their truck leasing programs will benefit you and the truck drivers as well. Moreover, the company offers amazing financial incentives the moment you lease their truck, without any out-of-pocket payments. JB Hunt seems to fit the bill perfectly since it offers simple terms, flexible weekly repayments, and incentives as mentioned earlier.
  • PGT Trucking
    Another prominent entity in the field of truck leasing is PGT Trucking. One of the factors that have made PGT Trucking one of the leading truck leasing company is the fact that they offer programs that are incredibly supportive of the truck driver or the company that has leased trucks from them. Their truck leasing programs include no down payment, health care, fuel cards, discounts on spare parts and tires, revenue incentives, fuel discounts, and so on.
  • Wil-Trans Company
    Irrespective of the fact that this company isn’t a member of the big league, Wils-Trans offers a comprehensive and profitable truck leasing programs to its customers, which they might not find among the bigger players of the industry. In fact, if you lease trucks from Wil-Trans, you will be the recipient of a specific percentage of total profits generated by the truck, as well as 100% of the fuel surcharge.
  • Baylor Trucking
    If you are a budding business owner, then leasing trucks from Baylor Trucking will be one of the best business decisions you have ever made. Baylor Trucking’s truck leasing programs are quite conducive to the growth of the business since they offer stable working conditions, which are accompanied by excellent on-time service levels. Moreover, if you are a Baylor driver, you can qualify for their truck leasing programs after working with them for 60 days.
  • Gordon Trucking
    A prominent company in the truck leasing industry is Gordon Trucking. This company offers its customers an opportunity to build a strong business equity and ensures that you embark on your journey towards establishing a successful business. The financial packages are beneficial; the weekly payments are to be made through settlement deductions.