Top 5 tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung is a multinational company which has been credited with developing some of the best smartphone technology. The company is also responsible for presenting the world with its Galaxy range of smartphones. These smartphones come packed with a great display, impeccable software integration and lasting battery life. The company recently launched another model in its Galaxy range of mobile devices; the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comes with a large 5.5 inches AMOLED display screen. The best feature of this display is the 2560×1440 resolution suited best for watching videos and consuming multimedia on the go. This smartphone is powered by a performance-enhanced Snapdragon 820 Quad-Core processor. Samsung has also worked on the memory front by providing 4GB of RAM for multi-tasking. If you are a photo enthusiast, then the 12 Megapixel back and the 5 Megapixel front camera should be enough.

If you are heavy internet user, then you can also use the latest Wi-Fi 802.11ac technology to stay connected without any interruption. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is sure to not only make heads turn as you walk by but also provide you an unbeatable performance in the long run.

Tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Below are given few tips and tricks exclusively for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone;

Using the Edge feature
Samsung thought of giving a unique design to the Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. The curved edges are more useful in the Samsung Edge 7, you can even access the Edge panels. Simply drag the Edge panel from the curved edge to the middle of the screen. It consists of a small protrusion sitting on the top right side of the curved edge on right-side.

Changing the Edge panel handle
In order to change the Edge panel handle, simply go to Settings then to Edge Screen. Next, go to the Edge panels and then select Edge panel handle settings. You can then choose the side on which the Edge handle should appear along with selecting the size, the position and transparency level.

Selecting the Edge Handle panels
Next, you might want to decide the type of edge panel to appear. In order to do this simply go to Settings and then to Edge Screens and choose Edge Panels to see the list of options. The application Edge permits you to select up to 10 favorite applications. The Task Edge allows you to set up 10 shortcuts to a task including messages for a special contact or clicking a photograph. Lastly, the People Edge enables you to select your five best contacts. Apart from this, it also includes options for news, weather panels, and calendars.

Simply, select the box on the top to include the panel, and you can also download additional options as per convenience.

Utilizing Edge feeds
The Edge feed can be activated by simply swiping your finger along the edge of your phone when the screen is off. It displays useful information including missed calls, latest news, time or current weather conditions. You can choose what to display by going to Settings then to Edge Screen and choosing Edge feeds. Tick the boxes above the ones you need and also you can download to make Edge feed more useful.

Customizing Edge panel
Simply drag the Edge panel handle to open up the panel; you just need to swipe it to get to the next panel. Every panel is easy to customize, and you can see a plus icon for adding new entries along with a cog symbol button at the bottom left side for accessing settings.

If you want to purchase a smartphone that offers a powerful processor along with powerful RAM, then choose the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge without a second thought.