Top 5 prepaid debit cards of 2018

A prepaid debit card is an excellent substitute for a traditional bank account. It has much of the same features and is a great way to keep your expenses in check. You can save up on the overdraft fees and use this card to get great perks and rewards. Following are the best prepaid debit cards to use this year.

American Express Serve®
American Express is a trusted name, and the Serve® is the best prepaid debit card on our list. It has a network in over 45,000 locations and comes with attractive features, like free online bill pay, complete protection from any fraud, and a great user interface for the mobile application.

PayPal Prepaid Mastercard
The Paypal Prepaid Mastercard offers you approximately 130,000 NetSpend locations where you can deposit your money. It also gives you access to your funds two days faster than the average speed of a bank deposit. The most prominent feature of this card is that if you apply for a tiered-rate savings account through the Bancorp Bank, you may have a chance to earn around 5% Annual Percentage Yield against a balance of $1,000.

NetSpend Prepaid
An excellent option to consider while looking for the best prepaid debit cards, the NetSpend Prepaid comes completely free and has a lot of features to offer. You can earn cash-back via the payback rewards and you do not need a minimum balance to maintain this particular card.

Chase Liquid® Cards
This card comes with the trust associated with the JP Morgan Chase name. With it, you can not only access the ATMs and branches under the Chase umbrella but also use the mobile app and the net portal for your transactions. The monthly fee is around $4.95, and it can be used anywhere where Visa cards are accepted.

Western Union Netspend Prepaid Debit Card
This card is a great place to deposit your paycheck. Apart from the top-notch security with which it protects your money, you can even access the 24/7 system which keeps you updated on your transactions.

The prepaid cards mentioned above are a smart way to go about making your expenditures. You can use them almost everywhere, and they are easily accessible. They also come with a lot more perks than simple debit cards and help you keep your finances in check.