Top 5 penny stocks of 2018 to add to your portfolio

Popularly known as over-the-counter stocks, penny stocks often trade at a rate of $5 or less per share. They are stocks of companies that have low share prices. These are preferred by beginners who have just stepped into the investing world since they are quite reasonably priced. Following are the top 5 penny stocks for 2018:

Enphase Energy, Inc.
This company is based in California and works with software-driven home energy and solar generation. This particular stock fell majorly in 2015 and has risen considerably in 2018. The lowest recorded rate for this stock was 25 cents in May 2017, but experts suggest that the latter part of the year 2018 would be very profitable for investors who buy large volumes of this stock.

AK Steel Holding Corporation
The general notion that people have for a steel company is that it is very stable. However, the steel industry is very volatile. The AK Steel Holding Corporation’s stock price has always been quite low, but it is one of the top 5 penny stocks for 2018 because of the potential its growth shows. The new policies implemented by US President Donald Trump are the reason why experts think that this stock might, after all, be worth buying for amateur investors.

Genesis Healthcare, Inc.
Even though the performance of this stock has been disappointing since 2009, 2018 has looked promising for its growth. It entered the market in 2007 and had traded between $1 and $3.80 ever since. The company is one of the most trusted names in the healthcare industry, and the stock has gained quite a lot of stability even though its growth has not been significant.

Groupon Inc.
Groupon Inc. is one of the top 5 penny stocks for 2018 for several reasons. This company started at an extreme high as it was priced at around $28 in 2011 when it went public. However, it has only fallen after that. The reason for analysts backing this stock for 2018 is that its revenue has shown a positive growth in the past few years and the income projections have shown a growth trend too.

Senseonics Holdings, Inc.
The comparison in prices of 2016, 2017, as well as the beginning of 2018 have proved that these stocks offer a tremendous low-risk buying opportunity. Also, the growth trends suggest that the gains may go up to double digits from the current single digit price of the stock.