Top 5 Maytag washing machines

Among all the other appliances in the house, a washing machine is one that probably needs to be the most powerful, owing to all the scrubbing and tumbling it has to do.

The American appliance market has many brands that make some great washing machines. However, Maytag machines have earned themselves the repute of being one of the best washing machine brands in the country.

While today it has come to be known as Maytag appliances, because of the different appliances it now produces, the brand initially started out as a washing machine company in 1893. With its roots dating back to more than a century, the brand has enough and more experience in washing machine manufacturing. This is why Maytag appliances make some of the best washing machines in the United States of America. Speaking of the best, we have put together a list of five of the best Maytag machines for you.

Maytag MHW8200FC

This front loader washing machine is not just one of Maytag’s best machines but also known to be one of the best Maytag appliances so far. It comes with a PowerWash feature that makes for an incredibly efficient wash cycle.

Its optimal dose feature ensures that you don’t need to make rounds to the machine time and again. All you would need to do is to fill the machine’s washer with detergent once in every twelve washing cycles. Depending on the amount of laundry that’s in there and your cycle selection, the machine will automatically dispense the required amount of detergent. This has been one of the best innovations in Maytag washing machines so far. The machine also comes with a Fresh Hold feature that ensures that your clothes do not smell musty while they’ve been in the machine for a couple of hours. This is perfect for the working lot.

Maytag MHW3505FW

This one boasts some premium features at a cost-effective price. This 4.3 cubic feet front loading machine comes endowed with a Sanitize and Steam cycle and is large enough to wash an entire week’s worth of clothes for a family of four.

It also comes with a PowerWash feature that makes sure your clothes are given that much-needed scrub and tumble. On the other hand, should you have clothes that need a gentler wash, its ColdWash feature that is an hour long cycle comes in handy?

Maytag MVWB955FW

With a considerable size of about 6.2 cubic feet, this giant of a machine can hold an entire family’s (and we’re talking about a massive family here) laundry for a week. It also comes with an integrated PowerWash feature to ensure that your clothes come out spotlessly clean.

Maytag Bravos MVWX655DW

Minus all the frills and fancies, the Bravos MVWX655DW is a traditional top loading machine that gives you some powerful cleaning at an extremely cost-effective price of about USD 579. The machine also comes with a wash plate instead of a pole agitator, unlike other machines. This ensures that it is a lot gentler on your clothes and also uses a minimal amount of water to get the job done.

Maytag Bravo XL Series MVWB855DW

The Bravo XL machine comes with a 5.3 cubic feet drum that once again can hold a lot of clothes at one go, thus making it perfect for large families. This mammoth of a machine comes endowed with some great features like PowerWash and SmoothClose hinges that ensure your fingers don’t get jammed in it.

So if you’ve been wondering which washing machine to buy, with our list above we bet you’ll have to look no further.