Top 4 data science courses offered online

Top 4 data science courses offered online
When it comes to data science courses online, you should only learn from the best. After all, this is a field of study that keeps evolving as technology and times progress in the fast-paced 21st century. 

To help you study from the best, we have shortlisted below the top c. Let’s take a look.

  • Data Science Specialization – JHU at Coursera
    The curriculum is outstandingly well-balanced, and the specialization offers an entire section on statistics, which is usually missing in many online data science courses. This specialization is the perfect blend of the application of R programming language and theory. The Johns Hopkins University offers multiple courses in data science specialization, including Data Science Capstone, Regression Models, Statistical Inference, Reproducible Research, Exploratory Data Analytics, Getting and Cleaning Data, and The Data Scientist’s Toolbox.
  • Applied Data Science with Python Specialization – University of Michigan at Coursera
    The course provides a comprehensive breakdown of how to utilize and evaluate algorithms. It is ideal for anyone who is learning statistical concepts, and the range of courses covered in this specialization include Introduction to Data Science in Python, Applied Social Network Analysis in Python, Applied Text Mining in Python, Applied Machine Learning in Python, and Applied Plotting, Charting & Data Representation in Python. You will also be given an introduction to commonly utilized Python toolkits like pandas, matplotlib, networkx, scikit-learn, and nltk to gain insight into data.
  • Master of Information and Data Science – University of California-Berkeley
    If you are looking for a more dedicated and in-depth Master’s program, this online course might be for you. It offers students insights into the real world of data sets and focuses on using analytical methods and the latest tools and approaches to interpret data. The curriculum also helps students understand how data science can be used for decision-making. With a multidisciplinary and robust curriculum, this online data science course focuses on preparing students to creatively solve issues in several domains, like health, social and economic issues.
  • Master of Science – Southern Methodist University
    This online Master’s program has an interdisciplinary curriculum to help students understand computer science, ethics, statistics, data visualization, and strategic decision-making. It involves face-to-face classes, group activities, and interactive coursework to provide technical, communication, and analytical skills for making data-driven decisions. Students can complete this course and earn a degree in 2 years or less while also maintaining any other responsibilities.