Top 3 rewards credit cards that help customers with debt

A typical consumer may be tempted with a rewards credit card offer. This, in turn, makes them accumulate more debts due to a majority of credit card companies charging high-interest rates. When it comes to managing multiple credit card balances, customers might look to merge or consolidate their debt into one balance transfer credit card. This card may assist them in minimizing the payments to be made, saving money on interest, as well getting rid of their debt at the earliest.

The customer must have a good credit score to go ahead with the process. Also, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) that the credit card company charges after the promotional period expire needs to be looked at. Lastly, a majority of credit card companies charge 3% of the amount a customer wishes to transfer. Customers must know that the same issuer or bank may not permit them to transfer balances from one card to another.

Here are some credit cards available at present in the market which not only rewards customers but also helps them consolidate their debt:

  • Barclaycard Ring Mastercard
    Although this card has a variable APR of 10.74%, it charges zero balance transfer fees, annual fees, or foreign transaction fees. It also offers a chip technology which makes a customer’s purchases much more secure at chip-card terminals in the country and gives them a free access to their credit scores. Another unique reward that is offered is an exclusive online community based on its card name called ‘Ring’, which helps customers having the same card interact with each other. This acts as a resource to build healthy credit scores.
  • BankAmericard credit card
    This card beats the reward credit cards of other issuers. Consolidating debts also doesn’t get better than the BankAmericard, created by the Bank of America. There’s no annual fee charged. This card does not charge any APR for the first 60 days or 15 billing cycles of purchases. This card was awarded the “Best Card for Balance Transfers” by a well-known finance magazine in 2017. It also offers no penalty APR in case of delayed payments, digital payment, chip terminals, online shopping security, as well as overdraft protection.
  • Citi Simplicity card
    his Citibank credit card claims to have the lowest APR for the first 18 months on all balance transfers and purchases, although these need to be done four months after the account opening. The balance transfer fee may be $5 or 5% of each balance transfer amount, whichever is greater. It allows customers to select the due date of the payment and protects them from unauthorized charges or debts, without charging them any annual or penalty fees.