Top 3 LG washers and dryers

Washing and drying clothes can seem to be a tedious chore if you don’t have a washing machine. It is much easier if you can just put all your dirty laundry in the washer and have your clothes cleaned and dried without any hassle. LG manufactures a series of washing machines and washer dryer combos. It is one of the leading brands manufacturing these appliances and features consistently among the top ten choices. You can choose from LG washer dryer models based on your needs and budget.

Here is an insight into the finest LG washer dryer combos available in the market.

This is a signature LG washer and dryer model and is certainly one of the best in the 2018 market. This model is popular among households and received great consumer reviews. Besides efficient performance, the appliance looks sleek and stylish.

The LCD display makes smart use of technology and makes operation smooth and easy. The auto dosing feature is one of its USPs. The model uses SmartThinq technology to ensure maximum convenience. The inverter heat-pump drying feature dries your clothes easily and effectively.

While buying a washer and dryer, you need to ensure that it has sufficient capacity. This LG washer and dryer has an impressive capacity and is adequate for your family’s laundry. It has a stainless steel surface and sharp minimalist features.

The washer and dryer combo incorporates better motion and washes with better care as compared to its counterparts. The Non-Stop Wash to Dry feature makes it a convenient choice. You can also avail attractive offers, deals, and discounts on this product on online shopping sites. This model is known to be energy efficient as well.

This is a front load LG washer dryer combo, which is known for its impressive 4.3 cubic feet capacity. It ensures effective drying with the Ventless Condensing Drying feature. The TurboWash feature is quite powerful but handles your clothes with utmost care. The steam technology ensures not to erode the softness of your clothes. LG is confident about its washer and dryer models and offers a ten-year warranty on this one. This product is a perfect combination of technology, efficiency, and convenience.

You can compare the different LG washer and dryer models and purchase online as well. Make sure to check for warranty and read consumer reviews to know the product quality in detail.