Top 3 gaming consoles of 2018

The comments about consoles being expensive, too geeky, and niche have become redundant, and one can find a console in every other house. The reason consoles have become so famous among gamers is the ease to use, software stability, and not being expensive when compared to a gaming PC. Gaming consoles easily manage to deliver over a long period of time, while PCs constantly need to be upgraded for getting the best performance. Let us have a look at some of the best gaming consoles of 2018.

  • Sony PlayStation 4 Pro
    Supporting 4k resolution, the PlayStation 4 Pro is currently the best gaming console one can dream of. An additional boost mode specially for legacy titles makes this gaming console one of the most sought-after consoles. The console promises better frame rates and visuals, though the difference is only for certain games. The PlayStation pro doesn’t support UHD 4k Blu-Ray discs. One can own a PlayStation 4 Pro for around $445 on Amazon.
  • Sony PlayStation 4 Slim
    The 4 Slim is nothing but the slimmed down version of the classic PlayStation 4 introduced in 2013. The design is slick, and the operation is a lot quieter than the 2013 version. Overall, it’s a budget gaming console with an upgraded dual-shock joystick minus optical audio ports that can be turned off for the user with third-party headphones. The slim costs around $280 on Amazon.
  • Microsoft Xbox One S
    The One S is a slick gaming console that is 40% smaller than the original Xbox One. Although one might prefer seeing the smaller version of the classic One long back, the S supports 4K gaming, which again supports some selected models and supports Bluetooth devices too. One can opt for an S version of Xbox if they have never got an Xbox console. Xbox One S costs around $270 on Amazon.
  • Nintendo 2DS XL
    The 2DS version of Nintendo is basically their 3DS minus the 3D, though it does offer a better design. The 2DS XL gives access to all the previous DS, NES, and SNES classic game libraries. The tiny stylus might be a disappointment for some gamers and someone who would have already owned a 3DS might have no reason to go for a 2DS XL. Overall, the Nintendo 2DS Xl doesn’t bring anything new to the customers except offering very high Nintendo gaming experience at a real bargain. This console costs around $153 on Amazon.