Top 3 eCommerce platforms for small businesses

eCommerce platforms help entrepreneurs launch and maintain their business online by managing all aspects of business operations like marketing and sales from one place. For small businesses, one of the key factors to consider is that they don’t necessarily need a multitude of enterprise-level features. Small businesses focus on sales and expansion. Once their brand is established, scalability is one of the primary features to look for in eCommerce platforms.

Here are the top three platforms to help run and maintain small business websites.

This eCommerce platform is an all-in-one solution for designing the online store, selecting from an exclusive range of shipping options, choosing the provider or vendor, generating revenue by optimizing visits, and seamlessly integrating with mobile apps. BigCommerce also lets you sell on major sites like eBay, Facebook, Instagram, and SquarePOS. You can try the platform exclusively for 15 days and subscribe to a premium plan once you are satisfied with the product. Plans start at around $26/month. You can also contact their executive directly to design a custom solution for your business from scratch showcasing all the necessary features.

WooCommerce offers amazing scalability with a ton of features. This open-source platform is built on the WordPress content management system. The simple yet function platform comes loaded with tools and resources that you can add and remove at your convenience to sell almost anything online. WooCommerce is a great choice for developers as they can customize the platform with premium themes using Storefront. They can also customize individual product pages, manage features, and improve navigation to enable better sales through the platform. Being a dedicated custom solution, WooCommerce employs a dynamic pricing policy, unique for the type of services you plan to purchase.

Using online sales as a driving factor, Volusion offers budding entrepreneurs and small business owners vital tools for expansion. With their comprehensive site-builder tool, you can create your online store in a matter of minutes with no need of coding knowledge. Pick from a ton of responsive themes to create a smart site that lets you sell with ease. With unlimited product options, tools for inventory management, and several payment collection options, customers can browse and purchase with ease. You can integrate all key features of the Volusion ecommerce platform with popular mobile applications. The built-in SEO management system helps market your products efficiently on various social media outlets. Volusion plans start at around $29/month and the eCommerce platform also affords you the opportunity to design a custom pricing plan for developing a unique website.