Top 3 Best-Buy Keyboards For Your Laptops

Top 3 best-buy keyboards for your laptops

Once one has picked out or built the perfect gaming PC which is the hard part, comes the time to find all the accessories that are needed. You’re running the most graphics-intensive games on the market at 60 frames per second, but you might not enjoy the most of it if your keyboard is clunky, your headset uncomfortable, and your mouse plagued by bad third-party customization software. However, the good news is that quality accessories from low-key manufacturers and even the big-name brands are just a click away. Also, they are available at various online stores like Amazon, Newegg, etc. Easy availability has turned the once research-intensive process of peripheral buying into a relatively quick and cheap exercise. If one has historically been a console player, one might remain a bit oblivious to what brands are worth the investment. Also one needs to know how much one needs to spend and how much can the accessories withstand the wear and tear of countless multi-hour sessions. You need a mouse, keyboard, and headset combo for a game-changing upgrade. So, for anyone who is outfitting a new rig, dusting off an old one, or looking to get back into PC gaming without spending a fortune, here are some inexpensive and capable keyboards options that are a perfect buy:

  • Logitech K360 wireless keyboard

Spending a ton of cash on a glowing, fancy keyboard isn’t advisable as a keyboard only stands out in two categories: comfort and easy-to-use. In both the departments, the Logitech K360 hits a perfect mark for a wildly low price tag.The Logitech K360 list price is $50. It’s one of the wireless accessories that last up to three years using just two AA batteries. Also, it retains the function and comfort level of a full-sized keyboard in a more compact form. Although, it might not flash rainbow colors, or have the perfect aesthetic sound, or have the feel of a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches; it still gets the best job done for less than the price of a pair of movie tickets.

  • Corsair K55

It is one of the fancy gaming accessories that a gamer would love. The Corsair K50 list price is $50. It is an excellent choice if one does happen to be looking for something a little more ostentatious than a basic and standard keyboard. Corsair K50 has low-key RGB backlighting compared to Corsair K55. Also, some ergonomic characteristics that make it a bit more suitable for extended sessions. For example, it has a detachable rubber wrist base and can be angled to the optimal spot for your hands while playing so that you are at ease. Without needing any third-party software, it also has six macro keys you can customize. Programming these six macro keys involves recording the multi-key functions right on the device’s onboard memory. Also, the same goes for the lighting effects.

  • Redragon K552 kumara

Redragon is a brand that when one first discovers it, it seems too good to be true. The pricing of the company’s accessories is better than every big-name gaming brand, and all the products also have stellar ratings. However, Redragon was spun out of a third-party white-label manufacturer, that means it is designed and manufactured electronics for companies to slap their brand name on. With its expertise, the company now makes its gears ultra-affordable. Also, one won’t easily find a deal as good as the Redragon K552 Kumara. It may not highlight the best switches out there, but it gives you the loud, clacky joy of a mechanical keyboard multiple times the price. The Redragon K552 kumara list price is $33.