Top 10 banks in the country

Banks are the lifeline of the American economy, having evolved over the years with additional services, besides the traditional safekeeping of money. The financial institutions have matured into going online and becoming more customer-friendly.

The 10 best banks in the country that balance tradition and innovation equally well are as follows:

  • Citibank
    It is one of the oldest banks in the country. There are several offers such as gaining a cash bonus of $200-$700 by opening a savings account to earning rewards on paying for jewelry as well as investment options for financing wealth goals. It has one of the highest CD rates at 0.15% annual percentage yield (APY).
  • Chase
    Besides having an account, the bank gives an individual the option of accessing JP Morgan’s renowned investment opportunities as well. Opening a savings account or applying for a credit card doesn’t take too long and its usage is spread across 5,300 branches with more than 15,000 ATMs.
  • HSBC Bank
    The UK-based bank is one for the commoner, especially in the USA. For anyone who wants a basic bank account with international services, access to ATMs, and personal mobile banking without fees, paying $3 per month for maintenance isn’t a bad option at all.
  • Bank of America
    Like Chase, Bank of America’s accessibility and repute are its greatest strengths as it also has a partnership with Merrill Edge to fulfill their customers’ investment dreams. The bank is renowned to offer some of the top millionaire credit cards in the country.
  • Wells Fargo
    The San Francisco-based bank is said to have the most number of physical locations than any other bank in the country with 5,800 of them as of 2017.
  • PNC Bank
    The second highest interest rate when it comes to a basic checking account (0.05% APY) and just a $7 monthly fee as maintenance are PNC Bank’s crucial benefits. It also offers different virtual wallets for varying financial statuses of people.
  • U.S Bancorp
    Named as one of the world’s most ethical companies and considered one of the 10 best banks in the country, this bank offers silver, gold, platinum, and premium checking accounts with $6.95 as the lowest monthly fee to pay depending on their needs.
  • Great Western Bank
    With its mentality to offer customers free services on different types of checking accounts, this bank also focuses on the welfare of agri-businesses. It has its presence in the Midwest and west of the country with just 158 branches.
  • First Midwest Bank
    With no checking account fees and free transaction benefits across 55,000 ATMs worldwide amongst many others offered, the bank is a favorite to be related to. However, its presence is in three states which is the only drawback.
  • Bank of New York Mellon
    One of the 10 best banks, Bank of New York Mellon is more into investments, focusing primarily on wealth and investment management and ranks high for its specialization.